How to Block Ads on Facebook

You can stop these How to Block Ads on Facebook. There are two ways to get them out of your Facebook experience.

You are a brown bear trying to cross the river. Is it hard? A little bit, but you are able to make it through using logs as stepping stones. If you can do it, you’ll be safe — and eventually, be able to explore the other side.

For those of you who sometimes find sponsored or suggested ads coming in between the pages of a book, we suggest that you take this opportunity to learn more about the product being featured.

Through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we connect and communicate with friends, family members and online acquaintances.

In between you see an ad about a tool that boasts it can fix grammar errors or help create engaging content, we know it’s hard to believe, but it’s a total waste of time. Facebook provides Advertising preferences.

Using Chrome, you’re able to bypass Facebook’s censorship and control your feed accordingly by going straight to the source of Youtube and unblocking specific videos on Facebook.

How to Block Ads on Facebook

How to Block Ads on Facebook 

  1. Go to the following page – Block Ads for Social Network
  2. Add the extension to Chrome.
  3. Click the extension from the handle list on the top right-hand corner of Chrome.
  4. Click on Open Facebook.
  5. Browse the Newsfeed without any sponsored ads.

Block Ads for Social Network


– Blocks and News-Feed
– Super light and fast, almost without memory usage

– You can easily switch the On / Off extension from the toolbar menu

– 100% free and constantly updated, we use it ourselves every day.


Advantages of blocking advertising:

Improving the speed of the browser

– Increase the speed of loading pages

– Using memory Reduce the pages you visit

– Bandwidth Decrease

– The most important thing is to save time ignoring these ads

How to Stop Ads on Facebook

Writer’s Block kept us from innovating, but we found some interesting content about web extension tools for Facebook ads. Here’s a link!

How to Stop Ads on Facebook

  1. Go to the following extension page – Clario Secure Browsing.
  2. Install the extension on your Chrome browser.
  3. You can secure both web and mobile.
  4. Other features are – Web Security, Adblocker, Anti-tracking.

In my experience, I found that Facebook’s sponsored ads were at times overwhelming even though they never really interfered with the browsing experience. While I found using Yahoo.

‘s Internet Explorer to be a smoother experience overall, the Chrome extension ​Facebook AdBlocker worked much better than those other two options did and allowed users to manually block certain ads on Facebook.

Why can’t you completely block Ads on Facebook?

Facebook isn’t responsible for most of the ads that are displayed on its site, but it does want to help make the experience more enjoyable for its users. That’s why it offers its own ad preferences page where any user can choose just how they’d like to be advertised.


How to Stop Sponsored Ads on Facebook

The mentioned Chrome browser extension to block Facebook ads is named Adblock Plus.

  1. Adblock – best Adblocker.

But this works on the honour system.

Adblock – best Ad blocker.

For the full-time employees and other benefits it provides, you need to donate a minimum of $5 to the extension team.

For the first 6 months of your membership, if you’re not happy with any of the services you signed up for, tell them and you will get a full refund. Your testimonials can be accessed easily on the website.

It’s currently hosting a website for a sports team. They are able to block the unsponsored ads and posts from the news feed, but browsing can be somewhat sluggish and takes longer than it used to before.

How to Get Rid of Ads on Facebook?

If you are looking for another program on Windows to block all annoying Facebook ads, then there is AdGuard for Windows.

Installing the software can be a hassle at times, and usually requires multiple attempts. It’s preferable that you don’t install it for mobile devices but if you wanted to try it, you could use a printed QR code to install the software on your mobile device.

How to Get Rid of Ads on Facebook

Legacy Star Browser will take little time to download (it’s only 112KB after all!) and it’s compatible with Microsoft Edge (and many other browsers). What’s more is that it has a range of great extensions, the most productive of which you can use on both PC and Mac.

It’s a premium membership that offers you unlimited access to all of the content on their site for just $10 per month and they give you first use of premium content, updates and industry information by offering a 4-day trial.

Facebook has introduced their ad-blocking app, Facebook Adblock which blocks ads and sponsored stories on the platform.

The browsing experience is a little slow as this app requires more time to load the page due to the absence of ads. Facebook Adblock is available for download from the Apple store but it is not free to download and you need to pay a fee of ($1.99).

The price is Rs. 59.99 per month for individuals, Rs. 3999.99 for families, or you can opt-in for an annual subscription that costs Rs 5695 with a $5 rebate every year making it $38 and offering you access to up to 10 household devices on an ad-free and secure platform.

Too Many Ads on Facebook

Just follow a few “Ad Preferences” present in your Facebook Settings.

A repetitive appearance makes your social media life more tiresome.

Every time you see an Ad on Facebook, you need to click the “cross” mark.

Once you click on a Facebook ad and “like” the page, you are now allowed to send private messages to the Page. ​

Yes, this is how Facebook earns its money.

It has an Ad Manager where typical brands can advertise their ads on Facebook posts.


As of Jan 2020, Facebook filters out some adblocking software and so it’s harder to block ads.

It is better to leave the default settings as it is.

Otherwise, you will be bombarded with more ads than earlier.

You can also try to use, browser extension and add-on. Settings need to be changed.

How to Stop Seeing Ads on Facebook in 2022

To do this, you need to march against advertisers and businesses from uploading lists of your personal information; cease your interests, stop business representatives from advertising directly to you with ads related to your interests.

Update: In the latest finding, I found that sponsored posts started appearing again.

Things start to get a little creepy when your interests become dominated by various advertising categories and even posts made by Facebook that you don’t actually like.

So to stop them, you need to go to your Google Ads account, click the settings tab, and then remove the “new” ad categories.

There is no 1-click solution to block sponsored ads.

As a user, you are entitled to your privacy. We will not share any of your information with third parties or advertisers. You can easily control the ads you see by managing your profile.

Facebook Ads – How they complicate your Social Media Life

Based upon its algorithm, it will display these sponsored ads in the middle of your regular feed from your friends and others.

Though not every advert is irritating, seeing the same adverts over and over for long periods of time will eventually give rise to negative emotions like irritation.

Using the privacy policies of Facebook, you can disable specific or all ads. But how many will you turn off? And in regards to notifications, how will they stop Facebook from sending you messages?

Facebook has been bombarding me with ads for different products for as long as I have had an account there. In fact, I have a hard time finding authentic, highly relevant ads. I don’t think Facebook is delivering enough value to me! I would really appreciate it if they could work on this problem.

Facebook Ad Preferences – Settings

If you feel these ads are boring and think you can come up with something better, the following should hopefully help to clarify what goes into creating some of your favourite ads.

This will apply specifically to Facebook itself. Settings are similar on mobile apps, too.

1. Click the “drop-down” on the top blue bar. (the last option).
2. Click on “Settings”.


3. A new page opens.
4. On the left-hand side, browse through the options.
5. Click on “Ads”.
6. The “ad preferences” page will open.
7. Click the drop-down next to “Ad settings”.

Ad settings”


8. The following options are available.

  • Ads based on data from partners
  • … based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere
  • … that include your social actions

Ads based on data from partners

based on your activity on Facebook Company Products

9. Click on each option.
10. There will be a drop-down box for each setting. For the first two, select “Not allowed”. For the third one, select “No one”.

“Not allowed”. For the third one, select “No one”.

Note: Sometimes, adding the above extra settings isn’t enough to prevent a sponsored post from appearing in your Facebook News Feed. You may need to block further settings listed below.

How to Tailor Facebook Ad Interests

Instead of completely disabling Facebook Ads, you may want to tailor your advertisements with the options below.

Your interests.

As we have already discussed, Facebook displays ads in your status column based on different conditions. The first condition is using interest categories such as your engagement with certain Pages and ads.

There are different categories to choose from under this

1. Business and industry
2. News and entertainment
3. Technology
4. Travel, places and events
5. People
6. Hobbies and activities
7. Family and relationships
8. Food and drink
9. Lifestyle and culture
10. Education
11. Sports and outdoors

and many others.

Occasionally, you may be served ads on Twitter that are less relevant to your interests and more reflective of your broader user profile. To reduce the number of these ads in your timeline, we recommend that you uncheck the categories you’re not interested in under Privacy & Security in Your Twitter settings.

If you want, you can add the same item again to your ad interests.

If you want, you can add the same item again to your ad interests.

If you want, you can add the same item again to your ad interests.

Note:  Make sure all of your interests in every single category area are blocked completely from showing up as ads on your Facebook wall. If even one interest or one topic is left unblocked, you will be bombarded with ads again!

Advertisers and businesses

In this category, ads are displayed from advertisers and businesses who uploaded information about your interests to their list. Ads that appeared when you used this app were shown based on the profiles advertisers had gathered about you. Those in the

– whose website or app you may have used
– Who you’ve visited
– Whose ads you’ve clicked

and more.

There is one monolithic database listing all advertisers and their ads, along with several sub-tables. Those related to you are:

1. These advertisers have adjudicated your information, typically an email address or phone number, and uploaded this data onto a Facebook-owned email list.

2. You are being matched with advertisers that want to hire individuals like you. Advertisers provide information and things they’re looking for in a candidate, but you will not be personally identified.

Your information

Facebook ads are a powerful way to promote your products and/ or services. They are also based on certain information that you input in your personal profile settings, such as gender, country or age; etc. You can decide whether or not you want to see Facebook ads based on the parameters of these settings.

You can edit your location and citizenship settings (see below) in your Control Panel which applies to all of the ad networks that use aggregated third-party data:

  • Relationship status
  • Employer
  • Job title
  • Education

Within Facebook’s advertising system, there are targeting tools to help you reach the most relevant audience. These tools allow advertisers to find people by their location, age, gender, interests, or even specific behaviours or life events. Some of these options are added based on the information you have provided on Facebook and other activity.

You can tick the “x” marks to remove the categories you are not interested in from the list. Ads related to those categories will not be shown on your account.

Hide ad topics

There are various topics that will never be shown as an ad, regardless of how you choose. This can include any ads that show material that could be perceived as being often or potentially offensive to particular groups of people or universally disrespect the feelings of others.

Hide ad topics

In compliance with our latest update for social media optimization, we have decided to switch from Facebook Platform to WordPress.

You should avoid using photos of your friends or family members on your business cards if possible; it’s always great to include an image, but not one of a friend.

A few things you can still try are –

  • Hide a few individual ads and check the results after some time.
  • Log out of your Facebook and Messenger accounts from all devices.
  • Clear all your cache that still holds Facebook cookies that track you.


The above settings should help you disable Facebook ads.

Facebook wants to make sure that its advertising partners are getting the most out of their campaigns. Facebook’s “audience insights tool” allows for more accurate ad targeting, which in turn ensures more relevant ads for the user and better performance for the advertisers.

The above tutorial should help Facebook users for better browsing of their status.

You can control which ads are displayed.