Rowing Machine Vs Exercise Bike –Detailed Comparison

Are you a person who is confused between rowing machine vs exercise Bike? This article compares the advantages of the rowing machine and an exercise bike. Both systems are good for cardiovascular health, but they will work on different muscle groups.

Rowing Machine Vs Exercise Bike

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine has a pulley to aid movement and a flywheel attached to the handle.
When using the rowing machine, you can use your legs to push your body back and pull with your arms to return to a resting position, with your knees bent.

The main muscles involved are the biceps and the back muscles. With minimal effort on the muscles of the shoulders, stomach, and legs.

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Exercise Bike

Indoor exercise bikes, or also known as stationary bikes, have different types.
They differ in the type and position of the pedal, the availability of the backrest, the handlebar, the weighted flywheel, and the adjustable resistance.

Choosing the type of exercise bike on which you should invest depends on your preferences and purpose.

Pros and Cons of rowing machine

  • Demanding for the hip, knee, and ankle joints
  • Takes little space
  • Suitable for sportsmen and amateur rowers
  • Toned legs and arms
  • Muscle legs, thighs, arms, buttocks, and shoulders

Pros and Cons of Exercise bike

  • Very easy to use
  • Great for rehabilitation
  • Safe for the joints
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Muscles legs, thighs, arms, and buttocks

Rowing Machine Or Exercise Bike For Weight Loss? Which Is Best

The stationary bike vs rowing machine both provides highly effective cardiovascular workouts to burn fat quickly. You can increase the resistance of both devices and increase the intensity of your workout.

On an exercise bike, you powerfully spin a wheel with your legs while using the rowing machine, you do the same with your arms. But there is a big difference between rowing and an exercise bike.

The rowing machine is more demanding than an exercise bike. You can exercise for a maximum of 20-30 minutes rowing due to the great effort that must be made. On the other hand, the movement of the rowing wheel is more difficult and demanding due to its position on the machine, the great flexion of the knee and the two-step movement.

An exercise bike is more comfortable and less demanding than rowing. You can work up to 1 hour without any problem on the bike

If your goal is to lose more weight in a short time, you may want to consider an exercise bike. But, if you’re looking for a machine that can help you lose weight while also getting toned, we’ll give the rower a distinct advantage.


Exercise Bike vs Rowing Machine When You Have Knee Or Back Problems?

The exercise bike puts little pressure on your back, so it doesn’t cause back problems. In addition, the exercise bike allows you to work your knees very gently when pedaling with moderate resistance, making it suitable for prevention and rehabilitation after knee surgery. It is an ideal fitness machine for rehabilitation because it does not cause any trauma to the joints.

The rowing machine is very demanding on your back. This means it strengthens the back, but on the other hand, for people who already have back pain or who don’t adopt good posture, heavy use of a rowing machine can increase the pain.

Also, the rowing machine forces you to fully bend your knees, which is generally something that people with knee problems prevent.

Therefore, the exercise bike is more suitable for the elderly and people with back or knee problems than the rowing machine.


Whether you’re looking for a rowing machine vs stationary bike to lose weight quickly, you need to stick with a proven exercise and diet regimen to lose weight quickly.

The exercise bike is ideal for any type of use, such as losing weight, building muscles, maintaining your weight, and rehabilitating after surgery.

You can exercise for 30 minutes or an hour a day, depending on your weight loss goals. But the maximum rowing session is between 20 and 30 minutes because it requires more effort.

In terms of price, there is not much difference between the two machines. But if you want to lose more weight in a short time, you should choose an exercise bike.

You can exercise more on the bike and lose more weight in no time. If you want a machine that gives you a full-body workout and is the most efficient use of your time, then a rowing machine is your best option.

People Also Ask

Is an exercise bike better than a rowing machine?

The main difference between a rowing machine and an exercise bike is that the rowing machine will give you a full-body workout, while the exercise bike will only give you a lower body workout.

what is better an exercise bike or rowing machine?

rowing machine vs bike, If you are looking for a full-body workout, a rowing machine or elliptical machine can make a stronger claim than a bike that provides an excellent lower body workout.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Yes, Rowing is an efficient way to burn calories, as well as help you shed stubborn belly fat.

Which is better Assault rower vs bike?

The assault bike, like the rowing machine, is a low-impact exercise. But it is not necessarily easy. The rower or assault bike is a better option for you if you are starting as overweight.

Are Assault bikes worth it?

The design of Assault bikes offers you one of the best workouts you can do. You’re using your upper and lower body at the same time with the same intensity, which is great for a variety of goals.