How To Add Reminder in Outlook Email + How It Works

Configuring Outlook Email reminders is slightly different from what you learn to set a reminder for your Outlook Calendar.

What is a Reminder in Outlook Email?

Having a ton of emails in your inbox can be overwhelming and can really seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, you’re able to organize all of the messages by importance. Perhaps even categorize them differently so you aren’t sorting through all of them every day.

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However, many email marketers still feel overwhelmed and some users will even continuously receive new product previews they didn’t sign up for! How can they handle this?

For instance:

  • You received an email for the last date of your credit card bill payment.
  • Insurance expiry email, which needs to be renewed today itself.
  • Doctor appointment, which can’t be missed.
  • Most of the other examples

It is important to know when you need to work on one thing and when you can set another item aside. No one ever said getting a job done would be easy, but it’s good to remind yourself that the final product or result will be worth it.

The point is you can either read or unread those email messages, but make sure to get your work done regardless.

How to Set reminders for your existing email in your Inbox?

I always prioritize my inbox to reply to blog reader’s questions because, if I’m unable to reply right away and need a reminder, I use the email notification on my inbox.

Here are the steps to set up reminder:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Folder >> Select the email for that, you like to get the remainder later.
  • Click on Home Tab >> Tags >> Follow-up >> Add Reminder.How-to-Set-reminders-for-your-existing-email-in-your-Inbox 1
  • In the Custom dialog box, you can select the option, why you want to flag to: Options are as follows:
  • Call
  • Do Not Forward
  • Follow up
  • For your information
  • Forward
  • No response necessary
  • Read
  • Reply
  • Reply to all
  • Review
  • Enter the start date and due date (you want to get a reminder)
  • To set a reminder, choose the date and time of the reminder you want in the drop-down fields below the Remind Me box. Use 24-hour format to specify a reminder time. Click OK when done. custom-followup-dialog-box 2

In the current scenario, you can choose between Reply and Follow Up.

The time element gives you a 30-minute interval, but you can click in the time field and type a new number if you want your alert to appear at a different time.

The reminder sound can be changed directly in the settings menu. Click Settings to get to the menu, then click Sound on the left column and choose Browse where you can Navigate to the audio file you want to use as a reminder for a specific task. Once that has been done, just click OK. Set-reminders-for-your-existing-email 3

Included in that email message is a reminder. When you see the bell icon, it means you should follow up.

After you’ve set up the automated email, it’s time to resume being productive. You have your list of emails and tasks to fill, but so often these people don’t act or reply as quickly as you’d like.

You feel both short on time and a little frustrated – so much so that every once in a while, you find yourself checking your inbox compulsively. reminder-snooze 4

How to Remove & Close reminders?

Once you have completed the action and replied to that specific email, close the reminder notification by selecting the email, then click on Home Tab >> Follow-up >> Select Mark Completed.

When you click the Notification Timeout icon, an alarm clock icon appears on the top-right of the screen with a timer counting down the number of days until the reminder will appear. You can click on this icon to reverse the process so that your message remains in your Outbox folder. How-to-Remove-Close-reminders 5

In case you need to remove the reminder email, select that email, click “Home Tab > Follow Up > Clear Flagger” while inside SharePoint Online. Remove-Close-reminders 6

How To Send an Email Message with Reminder in Outlook?

It’s considered polite to check in with another person after sending them an email message or even making a phone call. You could let the other person know about something that you forgot to mention in your previous communication.

The next thing you do is add a reminder for yourself and the recipient when composing an email since you’re going to receive an answer after sending the email. It’s also possible to get reminders by checking if someone responds to our emails or answering calls from certain numbers, we are not familiar with.

  • Click on New Mail from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Enter inputs (Email address of recipient, Subject, Content).
  • Click on Follow-up from the Tags section >> Click Add Reminder. How-To-Send-An-Email-Message-With-Reminder-In-Outlook 7'

A custom dialog box appears and prompts the user to select which flags they want to appear in the email, as shown in Figure.

Check the Flag for Me box:

  • Select Follow up from the Flag for me section.
  • Select Start Date and the Due date.
  • Set Reminder Date and Time.

Check the Flag for Recipients box:

  • Select Follow up from the Flag to me section
  • Set Reminder Date and Time. Send-An-Email-Message-With-Reminder 8
  • Click Ok

Now you can see a message appears on the screen. You are typing an email, and then finally sending it. On the specified date and time, you and your recipient get a reminder to follow up.

Note: This feature will not work with IMAP accounts, you will not be able to setup reminders using the follow-up section.

Getting your emails converted into tasks is the best way to stay on top of incoming communications at all times. It’ll let you organize things in such a way that you never have to worry about misplaced messages or lost documents again.