What Is The Difference Between Appointment And Meeting In Outlook

What Is The Difference Between an Appointment And Meeting In Outlook, it is quite difficult to explain the difference? However, an effort is made in this article to describe various attributes of appointments and meetings. And finally, you can easily understand when an event is an appointment or a meeting.

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In this article, I will cover

​According to the oxford dictionary the meaning of both the word

appointment noun

[countable] a formal agreement that a team should meet or visit someone on a specific date, usually because it will bring about some sort of positive change for their business for example.



[countable] an occasion when people come together to discuss or decide something.

Microsoft’s outlook is exactly working the same for you.

So How does it work?

Difference between Outlook Appointment vs Meeting

A meeting is an appointment, but the appointment is not a meeting.

  • Appointment – An appointment is much like a date. You have to remember to look at your agenda for any upcoming festivities, but that’s about it! There are no other parties involved so there isn’t always a need to reach out in an email with the details and times of your impending event. All you have to do is create & save your appointment. Here is the snapshot of major options in outlook 2019.


Meeting – Meetings are always attended by more than one person. But, with Outlook 2019 you have the option to schedule recurring meetings and reschedule them without having to worry about whether you’ll have time at that specific time. The best way to view your daily calendar is the month view which basically shows you all of your scheduled events for each day in order from start to end and their duration. You can also personalize your calendar by changing what rooms or locations look like, how the area around it looks and the names of the days on your calendar (for example “Tues” instead of “Tuesday”, etc.).


As you should have noticed, some of the similarities and differences in this article’s comparison and correlation of meeting with an appointment were addressed using content-outlining tools. If you didn’t notice that, take another look.

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