How To Cancel a Meeting in Outlook? – Single & Recurring

Outlook has a recurring meeting feature. If you reschedule a recurring meeting, Outlook calendar will keep the old schedule until you choose to change it.

When Outlook users find themselves in situations when they need to cancel a meeting, they can just select “Cancel Meeting” from the context menu of the headline.

What that does is it allows you to send cancellation notices to all of your attendees if you’re inviting them from a list. And now not only does this feature helps you save time but it also lets your attendees manage their schedules more effectively as well.

Let’s understand the steps to cancel a recurring meeting in Outlook 365. Here we will discuss both Outlook Web Application (OWA) and Outlook desktop application as well.

How to cancel a scheduled meeting (one time)

We’ve discussed your concern with our support staff, and we’ve since realized that you were contacted about our meeting that was scheduled for the 28th of last month because an email went out to everyone who should have received it.

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Any changes made to the status of guests and a cancellation notice from your end would normally result in an update going out to all recipients, including yourself.

There may be times when you want to cancel a meeting or even delete it from your schedule but still have it go on without missing a beat. To assist you in learning how to get that done, we’ll detail both situations here.

  • Open Outlook Calendar, click the calendar icon from the navigation section from the left bottom corner of the Outlook screen. Calendar-icon-navigation-bar 1
  • Grab the position (date) of your scheduled meeting, double click on the meeting content on your calendar.
  • The meeting invitation window pops up, click cancel meeting from the top left-hand corner of the screen. click-cancel-meeting-outlook 2
  • Clicking on cancel meeting, convert the send button into Send Cancellation and give your cancellation a reason for the content area such as “I’m having network issues – please have Gabe call me”. send-cancellation-outlook 3
  • Your recipient/s received cancellation email message and the meeting scheduled is removed from the calendar.

In certain cases, the creator may have to leave a meeting they’ve scheduled. This could be because he has to meet up with someone else or maybe just because he has other urgent things to attend to.

The best way to get around this is by using the cancelable meeting feature. Here’s how it works:

How To Cancel Meeting Without Sending Cancellation in Outlook?

This conversion process is not entirely “on the dot”, but we must mine for a route that does not alter the other members’ email accounts.

This means repeated attempts to get in contact with them via Outlook may only be successful so many times, but don’t lose sight of this objective.

Here you get how?

  • Open Outlook, before commencing the process, activate work offline mode. (This process disconnects you from the outer world, but still, you can modify your own platform).
  • Click Send/Receive Tab >> Hit Work offline. Cancel-Meeting-Without-Sending-Cancellation-In-Outlook 4
  • You can check on the right bottom corner of the screen, status bar displays which indicate working 5

After activating the offline mode on your Outlook calendar, it’s necessary to repeat the process of selecting the meeting date on your Outlook calendar, double clicking on changing meeting time fields to be deleted, clicking cancel on this online event tab, and then hitting send cancellation.

  • Now the cancellation email will be stuck in the Outbox until Outlook gets online.
  • Go to navigation section (left button corner of the screen) click email icon >> Home Tab >> Go to specific email address section >> Go to Outlook Open it by double clicks on it. Outlook-Outbox-228x300 6
  • In the Outbox folder, check out the email waiting for Outlook to online, select the email then select Delete from the right-clicking menu. How-To-Cancel-Meeting-Without-Sending-Cancellation-In-Outlook 7
  • If this step says that the meeting went on automatically, don’t worry, it is just a warning indicator. You now have an option to mark remind me as final (which will result in auto cancellation of the event) or delete the special reminder to the organizer. compair-meeting-calendar-Outlook 8

How To Cancel Individual Outlook Recurring Meeting in A Series?

A recurring meeting in Outlook is important to have because you might need to cancel the whole series or a single meeting in a series.

If there is an important meeting that sometimes keeps getting scheduled and re-scheduled, or if you just don’t plan on attending a Meeting Series anymore, then follow these steps to cancel the all or some parts of the recurring series:

Let’s begin with how to single out a meeting in a series. Outlook allows you to single out a single meeting from the series and the rest of the meetings remain untouched, and the attendees will be notified of the cancellation of a particular meeting via an email that will be sent.

  • Open Outlook calendar, select the date, and double click on the occurrence meeting.
  • Open Recurring Item dialog box pops up, which consists of two options: first “Just this one” & “the entire series “open-recurring-items 9
  • Select Just this one for single meeting cancellation and click OK.
  • Recurring meeting dialog box appears >> Under Meeting Occurrence Tab >> Click Cancel Meeting from the top left corner of the screen. Meeting-Occurrence-Tab 10
  • Outlook once again required confirmation with the dialog box “Confirm Delete “, select delete this occurrence and Hit OK.
  • Again, click on the Discard Changes button, and you can also mention the reason for again. An email message to all attendees about the annulment of a partial meeting series is sent. send-cancellation-recurring-meeting 13