Unable To Attach Files In Outlook

Unable To Attach Files In Outlook issues with being unable to send an email to someone that has important information attached. There could be technical difficulties, or perhaps there is something in your control.

One might even think of it as a human error issue at times, but I need to send a very important document with an attachment of great importance and I’m unable to while working in Outlook.

This article explores how to sync Outlook calendars and contacts with Android, iPhone and tablets to keep them updated at all times.

Why Can’t I Attach Files in Outlook?

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  • Attachment File size, [Raise Attachment Limit].
  • Convert files containing suspicious extensions
  • Check and Compress File size before attachment.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook
  • Update Browser

Attachment File size [Raise Attachment Limit]

Outlook’s email system isn’t very forgiving when it comes to attachments. Outlook has a maximum limit of 20 MB that it allows for each attachment, and even though most email service providers aren’t as strict when it comes to the attachment size, one might still face this problem while using a different account other than Outlook.

Outlook has a default limit to the size and number of message items that you can have. Usually, this isn’t too bad, but what happens when your inbox starts to get stuffed with old messages or massive attachments?

If you don’t deal with them in a timely manner and clean up your inbox they will take up more space and make it harder for you to find the new emails that are coming in. We recommend taking time once a week to do a cleanse of your inbox – sort out the junk and delete anything that over 5Mb.

Convert files containing suspicious extensions

Have you ever gotten a file via email and Outlook reveals a concern for the file? This can be very frustrating. In fact, we’ve all been there. Still, you are sending a valid file and Outlook is just making sure that it’s safe for everyone else to use.

There are multiple ways to send a file through Outlook. Users have the option of sending files as attachments or by using other sharing platforms.

Check and Compress File size before attachment

You can change the file extension (.docx) to a compressed form (.zip) so that it’s small enough to send over email or through other transmission methods. Change the name of the file when you’re saving it. This tells your computer to buy off all the text and compress it into a tight little package.

To check how large your original file is, right-click on it then Properties & you’ll see right below General how large it currently is.

.zip file

File properties show the size of the file which leads to an issue of “Can’t attach a file in Outlook”, so in order to convert a file into (.zip file), you can click “Add to archive”, this will compress into a zip file which has your original file and its size reduced.

Restart Outlook

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Update Browser

Regular updates of your browser are vitally important, it’s recommended to update it to the latest version, it is very crucial to keep one’s browser updated, old versions of browsers sometimes become delicate and susceptible to specific glitches that may lead to uncertain outcomes in the operation of an application.