How To Change Language on Outlook Email? – Explanation Guide

The Microsoft Outlook default language feature allows users to change the initial language set up on the program according to their local region.

An issue that many users face is not being able to access or edit specific email attachments due to the current language settings making it difficult to get any work done.

Sometimes the language of Outlook gets changed to some other than English. How To Change Language on Outlook Email This can reduce one’s ability to engage on Outlook.

This article will show you step-by-step how to change the language in Outlook.

How To Change the Default Language in Outlook?

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Below Step by step is quite simple to understand:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook Application
  • Click the File Tab >> Hit Options.
  • Click the Language option from the left bar of the dialog box.How-To-Change-The-Default-Language-In-Outlook-min 1
  • Now look at the display language option by default English (or any local language you are using) is already installed, click to install additional display languages from
  • Another Dialog Box “Install display language” appear Which Contains Multiple languages, select the language You like to install it and Hit install. How-to-change-language-on-Outlook-email-min 2
  • Here are some additional languages. Check out the drop-down menu to view them, select your language, and install.
  • You will be redirected to the Office website Click on Download.Click-Install-Language-outlook 3
  • Check downloading process from the bottom left corner of the screen. Change-language-on-Outlook-email 4
  • Run the setup once completed language-on-Outlook-email-768x492 5
  • After running the setup, it’s a good idea to restart your machine. With Outlook open, go to File > Options > Change Language and then add any additional languages you wish to enable. lauguage-added-Outlook-min 6
  • All set, the next step modify the language in Outlook, select the required language and click “Set as preferred” >> Click OK.
  • Restart Microsoft Outlook >> all the languages changed except additional add-ins you added (for example Grammarly)

This process is straightforward and easy to apply, if you have any difficulty with the steps above feel free to let us know and we’ll reverse the actions immediately.

How to change language in outlook 365 webmail?

Although any change in language made in the Outlook desktop application automatically fetches the changes in 365 webmail, some people only use outlook 365 webmail also known as (OWA) to communicate with others.

Because of this, many people like you and I have trouble transitioning between using our computer’s software and using the browser-based app. How To Change Language on Outlook Email Below are a few steps you can take to execute the transition competently:

  • Open >> Click on setting Settings (gear logo) >> View all Outlook settings >> General >> Language and time.
  • Select the Language dropdown arrow to display all the available languages and choose a language. language-outlook-web 8
  • Click save, com automatically reloads with your new language settings.

In this process, you can change back to default language of your Windows #language by restarting your PC if you wish to make a switch.