Confidential In Outlook – How To Mark Your Email As Normal, Personal, Private?

Confidential In Outlook have you ever gotten an email in your inbox that was marked as Personal, Private, or Confidential?

In general practice, all the messages are marked as normal. In this tutorial, you can learn how to set each message as private or confidential so that no one other than the sender and recipient can read them.

Method to mark the message as Private Or Confidential In Outlook

You can control your email privacy by adjusting the Sensitivity level on your messages.

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  • Create a New email message.
  • Click the Options >> extension button to expand the advanced options. Extension-button-option-outlook 1
  • A properties dialog box appears.
  • In the topmost setting section, by default, any email sentis set as normal under
  • Click on the dropdown list and you will get NormalPersonalPrivate, or Confidential 

Selected – By default, this option has already been selected to indicate that the message contents are standard.

Personal – Personal information is shared with only the person sending it and is not to be shared with the rest of your Basecamp team. Please-treat-this-as-Personal 2

Private – When you receive an email message along with a banner that reads “Please treat this as Private,” the sender sends you a private question or message, this option is to prevent the content of their post from being edited (or altered) without them noticing after they have posted it. Please-treat-this-as-Private 3

Confidential – The last confidential message is sent to imply a psychological impact on the receiver. Marking the message Confidential only suggests how the recipient should handle the contents of the message.

“Please treat this as Confidential” is a banner at the top of the message that reads to suggest that you handle the contents respectfully.