Convert Outlook Email To PDF

Convert Outlook Email To PDF is an entirely different story. There are many reasons why you might want to convert your Outlook emails. One of the most common uses is if you want an easily searchable copy of your email on a PDF file,

which can come in handy too if you don’t always like subscribing to information from the same source or simply because you keep misplacing your files. With the help of the Convert Outlook Email to PDFs feature, users will have a much easier time saving those emails so that they’ll have quick access to them at all times.

This feature was created for use in Microsoft Outlook, which also happens to be one of the most popular emailing applications out there as well.

Thus, it does make things somewhat convenient for all parties involved and helps save some time in regards to otherwise having to manually be able to edit each file individually and then separately send them off where they need to go.

Drag & Drop may be a second option for saving email messages to the desktop, but the issues there are that you’re only allowing yourself to save in image format, not as an actual email document – which might come in handy some time down the road.

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How to convert an outlook email to pdf With Outlook 2010 and later?

PDF format is a top preferred file format used to transport files or data. PDFs are able to travel anywhere in the world and can be viewed by just about anyone with the right application or plug-in.

There are multiple free—but time-consuming—resources available at the click of a mouse (or tap of your finger) that when combined produce a method for converting MSG emails to PDF. For instance.

Let’s explore other ways to convert Outlook emails to PDFs. Microsoft Office is coming up with a new version every year and so multiple methods may not work on older versions of Outlook. This article is only applicable to the latest released version of Microsoft office.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Select the message you want to convert to PDF.
  • Click the File tab from the left-hand corner of the screen >> Click Print

Click Print

  • Select Microsoft Print to PDF Printer from the drop-down list, and click Print.

  • The system required a specific location to navigate to save your email into a PDF file.

System required specific location navigate to save your email into PDF file.

  • Name the file, and the file type is by default (*.pdf), and then click Save.

Use Quick Print under the Quick Access Toolbar

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The Print to File and Print to PDF options are among the things that can be very useful in case people forget how to turn them on.

  • Open the email you like to convert into PDF.
  • Click on the quick access toolbar (QAT) launcher icon and select Quick Print from the drop-down list.

Quick Print

  • Quick Print added to the toolbar.

Quick Print added to the toolbar.

You can always install printers to ensure that you can easily access and convert your file. For example, if you’re using a PC, you need to click on the Customize menu and then add or remove a printer as needed.

Additionally, if you want to use features such as being able to publish content directly to the Web and into Word documents, there are plug-ins available currently that will help accomplish this type of service more efficiently.

printer and directly convert it to PDF