How To Create A RULE In Outlook to Forward Mails?

Out of all the things you will have to learn in order to keep your business properly up and running, learning how to organize emails may be one of the most important.

You know that you need to stay on top of each email that comes in so that you don’t miss information or even worse, leave customers without a solution or product they need.

One thing that can help with email organization is Outlook Rules because they allow people to put specific information into a specific folder without having to open each email separately.

Most of the time, when you do not have access to your Outlook account and a certain type of email needs your attention, and it’s also required that you forward them to a specific person, How To Create A RULE In Outlook to Forward Mails at that time rules play their role.

In this piece, you’re going to learn how to use various Microsoft email program features like “Forwarding” or “Redirection”

How to automatically forward emails in Outlook?

By using a rule that you create, Outlook can analyze every message it receives for certain characteristics and then handle the messages that match them in your absence according to the steps you want it to take.

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Here you can read step by step process how Outlook forward specific email received in their inbox to other email address.

  • Open Outlook >> Click the File tab, then click on Manage Rules & Alerts. Manage-rules-and-alerts 1
  • Rule alert dialog box displays, From the “Email Rules” tab, choose “New Rule”. New-Rule-outlook 2
  • Countdown begins from this step, before creating a rule you must think twice about what you need to accomplish.
  • Rules wizard appears >> Click Apply New rule on messages I received from the start from a blank rule section >> Click Next. Apply-rule-when-new-message-received 3
  • The next step involves conditions that you want to apply to all messages. You can turn on the components without any additional configuration. In this scenario, you only want to forward certain messages, so you can configure conditions for each message. which-condition-do-you-want-to-check-583x1024 4

A product manager’s selection of required category is important like email received with specific content or account, (you can select multiple options also).

Below are a few instances:

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  • Select “with a specific word in subject and body“, your selection will be displayed in the step two section.
  • Click specific words from step two-section, which drag you to add the word or phrase and click Add >> Click Next. specific-word-rules-768x413 5
  • “Click the forward tab again and click ‘forward to people’. In the pane on the lower right, enter email addresses or names of public groups in the ‘To:’ field.” Forward-to-people-or-public-group 6
  • To add the address to your mailing list, click “Rule” and select the Group Mail drop down list. Next, double click on the email address and click OK or type in the email address in the To section of your contact. list-of-emails-and-group-768x569 7
  • The next step is the exemption section, what are you going to choose, click Next without checking any option. Final-rule-report 8
  • Final Rule report appears, from the above give your rule a name under “Specify a name for this rule”, check the box for “Turn on this rule” to start forwarding messages now.
  • Click “Finish” and you’re done.

Use rules to automatically forward messages to Specific Folder

The above method can help users better manage Outlook rules. In some cases, the standard view of an email account may not work properly, and in that case it’s important to have an alternative.

As this article explains, How To Create A RULE In Outlook to Forward Mails Microsoft Outlook is a popular solution for managing message filters and redirecting certain types of emails to a different folder.

The steps are majorly similar to the above example:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Click the File tab, then click on Manage Rules & Alerts. Manage-rules-and-alerts 9
  • Rules and Alerts dialog box appears, From the “E-mail Rules” tab, choose “New Rule”. New-Rule-outlook 10
  • Click Ok, name of the folder appears in the step 2 section.
  • The Next step is the exemption section, the normal scenario is a portion is skipped, click next without checking any option.
  • Final Rule report appears, from the above give your rule a name under “Specify a name for this rule”, check the box for “Turn on this rule” to start forwarding messages now. rule-wizard-finish 11
  • Click “Finish” and you’re done.

Scenario one is an example of rerouting an email from a customer to the Help Desk. Scenario two shows how you can forward emails to your spouse without having to create and send a new message each time.