How To Add Grammarly To Outlook

How To Add Grammarly To Outlook. All writers do not write in the same way, even though they may all claim that they are writing professionally and correctly. This problem stems from the fact that some people simply cannot write correctly, and this issue continues to worsen due to the lack of proper teaching of English in schools.

Because of this lack of knowledge, these people now feel like they will remain illiterate for longer than needed. To give them a hand, we have introduced Easy-Good Rewrite Services which can help you rewrite your text so that simple mistakes such as spelling mistakes and others mentioned below will be removed.

Grammarly has become one of the most popular grammar checkers in the content. It also proves to be a trustworthy online grammar checker and proofreading tool to help professional writers deliver better quality content efficiently.

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In this article, I’ll be discussing one of my favourite Outlook add-ins, Grammarly. When I edit articles or write original content that might eventually be published online, I use Grammarly quite regularly because it helps me avoid typos or any other grammar mistakes that tend to come up with MS Word and other writing software.

In fact, the other day while making dinner I sprinkled a few drops of hot sauce over my food without thinking about what the consequences might be (I am so dumb sometimes) – only to look down and realize that all over my phone were text messages containing words similar to “hot So yeah – if you’re as careless as me then give Grammarly a try Voila.

How to add Grammarly for Outlook?

Let’s begin, since Microsoft added Grammarly to office, every program offered by Microsoft Office has spell-checking capabilities in our version of Windows 10. We don’t have to make separate downloads or checkmarks on settings windows each time we open a new program.

Our spellchecker uses artificial intelligence to help you improve the quality of your writing. When you make a mistake, we underline it so you know where to go next and how to avoid doing it again in the future.

For example, if you typed “them” instead of “the” the program will put a red line under each instance of your error and then ask if you want to change it. Click “yes,” and there’s no more confusion.

Our spellchecker uses artificial intelligence to help you improve the quality of your writing. When you make a mistake, we underline it so you know where to go next and how to avoid doing it again in the future. For example, if you typed "them" instead of "the," the program will put a red line under each instance of your error and then ask if you want to change it. Click "yes," and there's no more confusion!

Microsoft Office is equipped with grammar check options, which can be enabled or disabled. Learn how to turn Grammarly on and off in Word, Outlook and Outlook Express.

  • Download Grammarly setup from the above URL.


  • Go to our website and log into your account. Click on the link for the installation kit download. Run the installation program on your computer after it’s downloaded.


  • Check both the options and click install, your system takes a while to install the setup. >> Click Finish

Now you can find a robust search engine for everything: messages, contacts, files, etc. And it also comes with advanced search tools – via email content also. Uses actually are in the mood to deal with such things.

reply with grammarly

Now Grammarly does all your homework for you by correcting any mistakes as you type, but it’s not free. In fact, there are a couple of options for the program and some are completely free.

How to use Grammarly add-in in Outlook?

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These days, there are so many different kinds of software that are available to help us create just about anything. From photo editing to video editing; and even email/text message writing.

Grammarly is a free grammar checker that helps you write clearer, mistake-free copy that can help you take your business to the next level by writing in a way your customers can easily understand.

Click on the Grammarly button in your new Grammarly tab, and you will see the Grammarly sidebar appear on the right-hand corner of the Outlook screen.

Click ‘issues’ in the sidebar. Once in the Issues screen, click on an issue. Grammarly suggestions (results) will now be shown directly within your Gmail chat tab:

All Issues

After typing content, click All issues, you get suggestions to fix readily available issues. These suggestions are available for free. If you still want more options, you can upgrade to Idea or Editor.

So-called small issues can be corrected easily by working through them one by one. In order to make our problem large as opposed to making it seem minuscule, we must break it down into small parts and attend to each in turn:

  • Dismiss the suggestion.
  • Add to Dictionary. If a particular word rolls off the tip of your tongue, chances are you use it regularly in conversation or in writing. But it may not yet be on a common dictionary’s list of words — that is until our community decides it’s appropriate and adds it themselves.

Tone Detector

Click on the Tone Detector tool from the new Grammarly editor and you’ll find a sliding scale, which reveals plenty of options.

“Tone Detector

Style Guide

As a business user, I highly recommend using Microsoft Outlook’s style guide, which will aid you with punctuation and writing format. (Style Guide is a piece of premium software that Microsoft offers in its Office 365 subscription for $12.50/month).

Grammarly For Webmail Outlook is a web-based email service that was developed as an internet suite by Microsoft. When Grammarly created its Chrome extension, its goal was to allow users the ability to check emails at multiple websites including Webmail Outlook right in their browser allowing easy troubleshooting and prompt feedback on emails quickly so you don’t have to leave your inbox to use it separately with various tools.

Here is the step by step guide:

  • Download Grammarly chrome extension for Outlook.
  • Click “Add to chrome”.

Add to chrome”.

  • To use Grammarly with Google Docs or Sheets, first, log in at Login to Grammarly and check whether the service is active for your account on your page. If it is not active, return to this page after a successful sign-in to activate the extension for free and use our grammar checking tool in your Google Doc or Google Sheet documents.
  • Whenever you send an email on the New message page, Grammarly watches and offers feedback from the bottom of the screen.
  • Okay! Once the email was written up, I decided to click on the Grammarly logo – and this opened up a whole lot of analysis for me.

Grammarly For Webmail Outlook

How To Remove/Delete Grammarly From Outlook?

IF you install the Grammarly software and if you find that it’s working properly, at any time you would like to uninstall/remove it from your computer – simply do so via the control panel.

You can uninstall Grammarly from all Microsoft Office platforms by opening Control Panel, Clicking Programs and Features, Right-clicking on Grammarly and selecting Uninstall, then following the prompts to complete the uninstallation process.


A tool I always recommend to readers and colleagues is called Grammarly. It is a plug-in software that helps anyone write better in MS Office. Personally, I swear by it because it not only checks your spelling but also improves the structure of your sentences so everything ends up looking more professional.

Final Words

In summary, Grammarly’s Spell Checker is accurate for the most part, its grammar checker isn’t quite as astute and can sometimes detect errors in places where there shouldn’t be any but it only works with Microsoft Office products.

While you’re thinking about whether or not you should use Grammarly, ask yourself this: what would your life be like without the stress of worrying about mistakes? No more second-guessing yourself because your grammar is correct, and no more stressing out when drafting a professional email or professional correspondence.

You can have a full night’s rest knowing that your letters are free from errors. With so many options available to you, you should definitely consider choosing Grammarly – but before you make up your mind, why don’t you compare it with other editing software.