How Do I Transfer Outlook To A New Computer

How Do I Transfer Outlook To A New Computer is a necessary part of planning to buy a new device. However, the process of getting your Outlook emails into Inbox requires additional effort to get it set up on a new computer.

This is an issue that every user constantly face. As of late, it has been an issue with company employees and between friendships because they are constantly switching computers, phones and tablets. Users who purchase a new computer or need to back up their personal computer as a form of backup software installation should copy over the data from Outlook.

This helps to avoid stressful scenarios when moving forward in business or have to deal with important documents at all times which could be accessed so quickly through email.

While there are other methods by which users can import data from Outlook, this article will focus on how to transfer email messages, contacts and calendars from one PC to another by way of a USB cable and circumventing Microsoft Outlook entirely for the purpose of preventing any potential loss of valuable data during this process.

The detailed article will explain the step-by-step process to migrate the Outlook mailbox items to a new computer. It is divided into different sections for users to complete this task without losing any of their mailbox items. And toward the end, it also mentions the solution to transfer mail from one computer to another.

Click the File tab >> Info >> Account Settings >> Account Settings again.

Account Settings

If you’re having trouble with something in your game, check the files stored on your computer and then make sure they’re in the right place. You can find the information you need in some text files bundled with your game app.

Data Files

How to Import and export outlook data

In general, transferring outlook from one computer to another is easy. First start outlook on the old computer and export data (email, contacts and so on). While in Outlook or anywhere else with connections to the internet,

you can delete the account and create a new one while specifying the same email address. Then use import/export wizard of outlook again and import all previously exported data.

Here is step by step guide:

When you export all your data out of Outlook, you create a .ost/ .pst file. You can then transport this file through mail or any kind of hard drive to your new computer where you import all of your emails back into Outlook.

Now that we’ve learned how to export emails from Outlook, the question shouldn’t be, “how do I backup my data?” but “to what sort of media am I going to transfer my data and where are they going to stay?”

How to Import old emails from outlook?

The reason why outlook import and export is a familiar name to many is because it comes with default email service for the versions before 2007. After 2007 all the major development has been focusing on exchange servers where import export of PST takes place in an instant.

Insert your pen drive in the USB port of the system that contains [.ost/ .pst] files from Outlook email accounts.

Follow these simple steps to migrating Outlook pst/ost data:

  • Step 1 – Click File Tab >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  • Step 2 – The same Dialog box (Import and Export Wizard) open up
  • Step 3 – Third step is to import your file – select Import from another program or file, then Microsoft Outlook Data File (.pst).
  • Step 4 – Click Next

Import & Export

  • Wizard’s next page ask to upload the file you saved in your current computer [in my case I save in pen drive].
  • Select Outlook data file (.pst) & Click Next.
  • Click Browse and select the file you required to import.

Everything is simple until you have to use it. Before you start using Outlook Importer, you should know that it won’t transfer everything in your PST files. There are a lot of limitations to the tool and we’ve listed them out for your convenience just under this paragraph:

Why should you move PST File from One Computer to Other?

As we discussed earlier, one needs to take precautions every once in a while against a computer failure. This is because there are many things that could go wrong and unfortunately they usually do go wrong when you least expect them to.

These things might tempt you to want to restore the computer or change it entirely just so that everything would go back to normal.

If you’re having two computers and want to transfer Outlook data files from one computer to another, you may want to check out the following ways so that your valuable data is safe.

How to move Outlook files to another computer

Back in the day when phone lines were still a thing and you connected to the internet using a dial-up modem, it was possible that modems and even wires could pick up interference.

This was long before wireless internet or wifi! With no ability to hardwire directly into the switchboard, it’s not surprising that some people would try to “listen” in on other peoples’ conversations by tapping into their telephone lines and getting access to all of their calls.

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Any system requires a number of files in order to operate. In many cases, these “system files” are kept hidden from plain sight in the folder structure of your operating system, so users often have to search for them and copy them over to the locations where they might be useful.

Here is the step by step guide:

  • Step 1 – First Open any File explorer window and Click View
  • Step 2 – Check the box next to File name extensions & Hidden Items. (Mentioned in the red box in the image).

Click View

That will allow you to fetch all the hidden data in the folder.

  • Before starting this process it is mandatory to completely close Outlook, to get fully updated.
  • Navigate to USER / %YOURUSERNAME% \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook.

outlook files

  • Step 3 – Open email and navigate to “Options”. Then click on ‘Accounts’. In the new window, find your account and click on it. Now click ‘Open a POP/IMAP Mail account’. You should see a list of all your accounts, including the one you just added

From the Next Step, you will learn how to import the copied files into outlook.

  • Step 4 – Open Outlook and navigate to File >> Rules and Alerts

Rules and Alerts

  • Step 5 – From their rules & alert dialog box appeared, click options >> export rules.

export rules.

One of the ways Microsoft Outlook users are able to transfer files from one computer to another is by inserting an external storage device into the computer’s USB port. This allows people to freely back up, edit and move their usernames, email signatures, etc.

Final Words

If you have multiple Outlook profiles and need to transfer your data over to another profile then all of your email accounts, contacts and more can be exported out of one profile and imported into another in what is known as an OST.pst file.