How Outlook Snooze Email – All You Need To Know

How Outlook Snooze Email, snoozing an email in is a great way to temporarily mark your emails as unread so that you can access them again later either by marking the old messages as read or snoozing them again from a reminder set at a specific date and time.

Snoozing emails is a great tactic for dealing with spam and avoiding having to permanently delete unwanted messages that are not worth your time.

Sometimes when you have a lot going on with multiple projects due, you might overlook an email that deserves your attention, in this case we should get back to that email and reply to it (if possible).

Microsoft Outlook has a way of making sure that emails reach its recipients when they are most open to receiving the information.

It does so by having a snooze feature in place. A sender sends an email, and recipients can push it back if they’re interested based on their schedule. If Outlook doesn’t get to hear back from them at all, then it’ll just go ahead and send the email at the scheduled time once again.

How to Snooze email in

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A shortcut to snooze an email in that works as follows:

  • Open in the browser.
  • Select an email that you want to snooze, by making a tick in the corresponding checkbox.
  • Click the Snooze button. Snooze-in-Outlook-768x208 1
  1. Select a specific time slot given in the dropdown list, or you can customize your own convenient date/time. snooze-time-slot 2
  2. You can select the Choose a date option and select the date and time >> Click save to complete the process. set-customised-date-and-time-outlook 3

After initiating the action, you can use the reversible Undo skill to easily return to a point that was saved previously. Snooze-undo-300x43 4

Everyone’s feeling a bit lazy today and stress keep piling up, so we decided to kick back for a bit. Sometimes you need a little time off and we’re not talking about slacking here!

On the contrary, now we are releasing an update of our application and all new features will be available on the left-hand side of your screen in the “Snooze” folder. Snooze-folder 5

You are able to review all your snoozed emails in the snooze folder. If you want to deal with it before then, there is no option to Unsnooze the email message, earlier you will find the “Unsnoozed” button which will move the email message back to your inbox.

One of the drawbacks about snoozing emails is that once it’s set, you cannot reverse or undo that particular action, so you’ll always get another reminder for it a short time later, but if you delete or archive the email from your account, you won’t be notified about this specific email in