How To Add Optional Attendees In Outlook? – Detailed Guide

Outlook Meetings are designed in such a way that the meeting organizer has the flexibility to cancel or reschedule their meeting through a few simple steps.

In case of scheduling changes, the attendees will be presented with an Outlook Meeting update that provides various options for handling the change in plans.

In this short article, you will learn how to add optional attendees in Outlook 365.

How To Add Attendees to Outlook Meeting Already Scheduled

In Outlook, you can easily add or remove people from meetings even after they have been scheduled by following these easy steps:

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  • Open Outlook calendar from the navigation section from the button left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Double click on the scheduled meeting on a specific date.
  • Add an attendee email address under the “required or optional” area accordingly.
  • Hit Send

Although Outlook does suggest matches for email addresses as you type them, unfortunately if one of your member’s email addresses is not in the list and is not saved in your distribution list, you’ll have to enter it manually. How-To-Add-Attendees-to-Outlook-Meeting-Already-Scheduled 1

Send Update to the Attendees dialog box pops up, there are two options:

  • Then Send updates only to added or deleted attendees.
  • Send updates to all attendees.

Scheduled meetings are a necessity is office life, and integrating updates into them can be a bit of a hassle.

By allowing newly added attendees to send their own repeat reminders or to modify the subject of a meeting themselves, you will save time for your other employees.

Click the Send updates only to added or deleted attendees’ checkbox. Send-updates-only-to-added-or-deleted-attendees-Outlook 2

Outlook sends an email to all attendees regarding the meeting scheduled during this process. And this is what makes things easier for everyone involved.

Add Attendees to Outlook Meeting using (add or remove attendees’ icon)

Another way to do this is by adding attendees using the “Add or Remove Attendees” icon.

  • Move your mouse cursor on that specific date in the Outlook calendar, click on it.
  • Meeting Tab appears on the tab section above.
  • Click to “Add or Remove attendee” Icon. Add-or-remove-attendees-icon 3
  • Select attendee and resources dialog box appears to add attendees in (required, optional, and resources) section and click Ok.
  • Additional attendees added, Hit Send, further steps are similar to above.

How To Add Optional Attendees in Outlook Web?

Microsoft has come out with an amazing Outlook web application that works seamlessly with the Outlook software you have already on your laptop or desktop.

It not only boasts the same features of its laptop/desktop counterpart, but also can be synchronized with it so that you can access both accounts from one source.

  • Open Outlook web calendar.
  • Select the date on which meeting already scheduled.
  • Double click on the meeting content.
  • Click Edit from the left-hand corner of the screen. Add-Optional-Attendees-in-Outlook-Web 4
  • Attendees can be added while the event is created or after it has been scheduled. How-To-Add-Optional-Attendees-in-Outlook-Web 5