How To Create & Add Unread Email Folder To Favorites In Outlook 365?

How To Create & Add Unread Email Folder To Favorites In Outlook 365 into your inbox with a tag. Choose a specific folder in Microsoft Outlook and go to the next email. Convert all emails of the same type at once that belong to the same sender or group into favourites and tag that group as seen on this page

You can manage your inbox with reading and unread emails. You can use filters, search for messages, or apply condition formatting to separate your unread emails from others in your inbox. In this article, you will learn step by step the process of creating a custom search folder for unread emails using Outlook features.

How To Create Unread Mails Folder In Outlook?

In one of the earlier articles, you have learned how to create and manage an unread email folder in Outlook. If you want to add it to the list of your favourites, here’s what you need to do.

Let’s Dive in:

  • Lunch Outlook >> Select your specific email address inbox.
  • Go to Folder Tab >> Select “New Serch Folder

New Serch Folder

  • New Search Folder Dialog Box pops up, it contains multiple options (like “Reading mails,” “Mail from people” or “custom”). These options are further categorized into several subsections.
  • When you want to display the new File Open and Save As dialogue boxes, press Ctrl+Shift+P instead of repeatedly clicking on the shell icon in the Taskbar.

unread mail

  • You can find the Reading Pane option under the Options menu. Just click on Options, go to Reading and then you’ll see Reading in a smaller box just below.
  • Your folder is created and added to the Navigation Pane under ‘Search Folders [See: above for an illustration]. You can check your folder from your selected email address, as illustrated in the image above.
  • The name of the folder [Unread mail] comes up by default. The total number of unread messages is shown with square brackets.


  • All new email messages added to the ‘Sent’ folder are automatically sent as a copy.
  • Type in the message title and you will get all your unread email messages that contain the words “folder” or “bold” into the folder. All the messages are displayed in bold font because they are not opened yet, that’s why you can check those emails in that folder.
  • Only once you have managed to open the email, understand its contents, respond to it and get rid of it from your inbox/spam folder will you be able to start focusing on something else.

How To Rename & Delete Unread mail Folder?

You can right-click and hold on to any email message or task to access a contextual menu that provides a wide range of options. The following image shows some of the ones related to tasks. Refer: Snapshot

Unread mail Folder

Deleting a search folder doesn’t do anything to the emails that you have yet to read in their original folders. What’s meant by this is that these folders are customized according to your convenience and you would be able to read all of them just as before even if you delete a search folder.

How to Create Unread Custom Search Folder?

You can also go for a custom search folder which results in a long route to get the same results. It’s a manual step process to get your results.

Here is the step by step guide:

  • Open Outlook office 365, Go to the Folder tab and click New Search Folder.
  • New Serch Folder Dialog Box appears, select Create a custom Search Folder under the Custom category.
  • Scroll down and select Create a custom Search Folder under the Custom category

Create a custom Search Folder

  • Finally, save your folder with a descriptive name and you will be asked if you want to choose a new name for its location. You can leave the path as is and click Choose twice within the Custom Search Folder dialogue box.

Custom Search Folder

  • Name your search folder. In the Search Folder Criteria dialogue box, click Add Criteria and select the appropriate options.

Search Folder Criteria

  • Click on the More drop-down menu and select Choose columns. Check off Only items that are from the Unread option, and that’s it! You’re good to go.
  • The next part is that you’ll want to select the “save as” option for your email content. You cannot edit at this point but there’s a helpful link below should you need help changing some of the details you’ve provided such as the subject line or addressees.

 More Choices

  • Prior to starting this project, I sat down and wrote a few personal goals for myself so that I could have some sort of guideline to work towards.
  • Your inbox is a place to collect the emails you want to keep and need but no longer need to see. Your Sent Items folder is a place for the emails you send. Your Archives folder holds important emails for long-term reference and your junk email keeps all the spam, viruses and scams that wanted you to buy dog food with bitcoin.

How To Add Unread Mails To Favorite Folder In Outlook?

Once you have created a folder in your email account and saved it to the Favorites section, it will be accessible via the navigation pane of your account. If you place shortcuts to folders in the Outlook navigation pane, you can click on them instead of having to search through your mailbox.

When we recommend users add a folder to their favourites in Outlook, it’s to make things easier in the future and provide instant access. You don’t have to scroll down or find your email address either – and you save a bit of time doing that. The Favorite feature in Outlook is similar to making a shortcut to a folder on your computer desktop, like with Windows Explorer.

Simply select the folder (unread mail), and hit “Add to favourite” in the folder tab above [Refer: Snapshot]

Simply select the folder (unread mail), and hit “Add to favorite” in the folder tab above [Refer: Snapshot]

You can also right-click on the folder and hit “Add to favourite”.

Add to favourite

As we have discussed in this article, there are so many options with Microsoft Outlook to help users stay organized. One great way of staying organized is through the use of folders and one of the great features found in Microsoft Outlook 2016 is the ability for users to create personalized folders that can be used to organize various emails based on what you deem important.