How To Attach File In Outlook When Replying?

How To Attach File In Outlook When Replying? when you receive an email message in your inbox and have an attachment, and you forward that email to someone, the attachment is also forwarded along with the email content.

In the case of replying to the message, the attachment is removed by Outlook by default. The reason for this is that it’s not necessary for the sender or receiver and the attachment consumes space in your outlook.

If you want to send an email with attachment, you have to make sure Outlook is running. You’ll have issue sending email message if your program has been closed and there are several other situations related to this scenario.

How To Keep Attachments When Replying in Outlook?

Outlook is one of the best email clients available and it is also easy to detect attachment. Therefore, here you will find out the simple and effective 3 methods, how to Reply Outlook with Attachments.

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In the first method, you just need to copy and paste the attachments from the original email message when you respond back.

  • Double Click the Original email message that opens in a different window.
  • Copy the attachment/s, by clicking the right mouse button, and select the Select All from the right-clicking menu. That will select all your attachments. How-To-Keep-Attachments-When-Replying-In-Outlook 1
  • Again, click the right mouse button, and select the Copy from the right-clicking menu How-to-attach-file-in-Outlook-when-replying 2
  • Now click on Reply/Reply all from the message tab. reply-all-outlook 3
  • The next step is to click the Paste button from the message tab above in the reply window, or simply hit “Ctrl + VOutlook-reply-with-attachments 4

When you send emails with attachments, be sure to check for space in the attachment field before clicking “Send.” Leaving extra space causes an error: “The file cannot be attached.”

Drag and Drop Method

The drag and drop method is a fast and effective way to quickly save your attachments. All you have to do is keep the message that both contains your attachment AND the message where you are replying open at the same time, or not even open them in a new browser window, instead drag and drop they link directly from one message to another.

Then simply drag required attachments from the read email to your reply. attach-file-in-Outlook-when-replying 5

Forward instead of Reply

An issue that can sometimes occur when you try to reply to a certain email with an attachment is that the attachment itself is deleted. If this happens, we recommend using the forwarding and re-addressing method rather. This will ensure that your attachment keeps track of the mail response.

Enter the email address in the To, CC, and BCC fields of your email. Also make sure that your computer’s clock is accurate so you can set a time when an email will be sent without being resent.

Reply With Attachments using VBA Code

Outlook VBA macros can be used to efficiently manage email correspondence. A VBA macro can be written to format responses automatically with all of the original email’s attachments.

  • Open the email you need to reply to along with the attachment.
  • Click the “AltF11” button which opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. Project-1-Outlook-VBA-macro-code 6
  • Double click on This Outlook Session, which opens the black sheet, copy the above macro, and paste it on the sheet.
  • Press the F5key to run this macro.
  • In the opening Macros dialog box, click Run Reply All With Attachments if you want to reply to all with attachments. Otherwise, select Run Reply With Attachments, then click the Run

Outlook is a word processor. In this program it is impossible to write macros. This doesn’t mean that Word has a better structure, since both of them use the same software structure.

All of these methods are how to attach the file in Outlook when replying without the need for a VBA macro.