How To Automatically BCC Yourself in Outlook? – Using Rule Function

In Microsoft Outlook, by default, BCC (blind carbon copy) recipients don’t receive all of the contents of an email.

When replying to a message, BCC isn’t the best setting for ensuring that you’re sending out a new message with the privacy it deserves.

If you don’t want to miss an important email then you can automatically BCC yourself. How To Automatically BCC Yourself in Outlook Here’s how.

​In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to send a carbon copy (CC) or “blind” carbon copy (BCC) to a specific address easily.

There are two reasons:

  • First for keeping a record.
  • The second is to keep somebody like (core management team member) in the loop.

Both Gmail and Office 365 have some great built-in integration plugins with Salesforce, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities when you’re working on being more productive.

If you’re sending a lot of email to various people, your “to:” field will soon get cluttered.

How does Outlook keep a copy of forwarded messages?

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Auto-response to every message sent from your email address! The magic of – RULE comes into play.

How does it work?

  • Open Outlook and go to the home tab.
  • Click Rules >> Manage rules and alerts.
  • Rules and Alerts dialog box pops up.
  • Click New Rules to create your own.
  • In the Rules Wizard, select Apply rule on messages I send, then select Next.
  • Select from all your saved emails, but only check the filed box next to messages received from this specific account.

In continuation, we will show you how to select your Outlook email (in case there are multiple accounts added), and let you know that this remote automation service will update your email address automatically as an addressee for either a carbon copy or blind carbon copy.

  • Click Next, after selecting of email account (from where you want your carbon copy every time).
  • The next portion asks you to (What do you want to do with the message), there are few options.
  • In this scenario select – you have to select cc the message to people or public group.
  • Click to people or public groups and enter your email address or any specific email address (where you want to drop the carbon copy or blind carbon copy) of every email sent from a specified email account.
  • Leave unchecked to any option in the next section (are there any exemptions).
  • Click Next, complete the Finish rule setup. Click Finish

Its time to run/activate the rule:

  • Step 1 – Check the rule which is ready to run in the rules and alerts dialog box.
  • The Step 2 – Click the Run rule now.
  • Step 3 – Again select your specific rule.
  • The Step 4 – Click Run Now. 10 pic

Once you have verified your email address in this way, any mail sent from your account will automatically be copied to your specified email address.


In conclusion, everyone should BCC themselves in Outlook. How To Automatically BCC Yourself in Outlook This helps you keep your inbox clean of redundant email by removing the notifications that an email has been sent to anyone using BCC rather than their individual address or mailing list. Learn how to BCC yourself in Outlook.