How To Filter Emails In Outlook To A Folder Using [Outlook Rules]?

As an Outlook user in multiple fields, it can be hard to keep track of emails, especially when you have several criteria to consider when differentiating them as they come in. For example, maybe you want an email filter that only sends you emails that come from either a certain person or send originating from a specified domain.

This can be very helpful for organizing your tasks, or something simple like only receiving emails from people who are outside of your immediate work environment.

Filtering and sorting emails manually in Outlook is a tedious and time-consuming chore. Luckily, Outlook provides you with the option of making rules that are triggered based on certain criteria.

The way we stay organized is by saving emails that are important in our inbox and unsubscribing from those that aren’t.

How does Outlook apply the Rule to existing mail?

In fact, in this section, you will learn to master the basics of Outlook. You’ll use rules to organize your inbox the right way. You’ll make sure unwanted emails don’t clutter your inbox by setting up filters and you’ll manage your email subscriptions with ease.

Outlook provides us with an easy-to-use program that allows us to easily organize our email. It also conveniently comes with pre-made templates, but if you don’t find one that best suits your needs, it’s extremely easy to customize the template editor according to your exact specifications and requirements. Check out the video and pictures below for a better look!

When you go up to the template, there will be a pre-designed rule already in it and you simply have to link to it if you like how it was written.

outlook email management

How to filter emails in outlook?

Here is Step by Step guide on how to filter emails in outlook?

To filter your mailbox in outlook one must first be clear about why they need to filter mail.

We will learn all default templates and learn how outlook email management works.

  • Open Outlook >> Click Home Tab >> Rules >> Manage rules and alerts.

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How to move messages from someone to a folder in outlook?

move messages from someone to a folder in outlook

  • Select move messages from someone to a folder in outlook and you will get the prebuild rule book in the step 2 section.


  • The first question is from people or public groups, Click on the hyperlink, now you have to select the people or group. (basically, these people or groups are the lists of contacts you have created, if not it’s better to import the contacts in outlook.

  • The next question is which specific folder you would like to move these messages to. This means that as long as you have selected this email/Group message to be routed to a specific folder and will automatically be removed from your inbox and move into that Folder after any sort of incoming email notification alert associated with this same Group message or contact email address is received.

email rule

  • I have cleared a separate folder of that, you can click new to generate a new folder and click next.
  • Click Finish, and your rule is created for moving messages from someone to a folder in outlook.

  • To move all existing messages from the original sender to the current folder. Click Run rules now >> Select the rule and select apply rule to All messages and click Run Now.

  • Now, this rule is on messages already in the current folder.