How To Block And Unblock An Email Address In Outlook

How To Block And Unblock An Email Address In Outlook that was clogging up my inbox. Thankfully it turns out they were only newsletters and promotional offers that I wasn’t interested in, but after a while, I wondered if there was some way to prioritize genuinely useful messages over marketing updates.

Emails are just clutter. We want you to ask yourself whether an email can be condensed down into a simpler form of communication like a Tweet? Many emails come in with either no title or an incorrect one and it makes it hard to respond efficiently if the content can’t be skimmed quickly.

Block an Email Address in Outlook

Once you’ve subscribed to unnecessary or unwanted websites, or if you don’t need them anymore, the unsubscribe option often isn’t enough to remove spam. Blocking and restricting email is a great way to cut down on unwanted messages cluttering up your inbox.

Let’s get started with the direct option. This means immediately blocking the email sender. There are plenty of other methods as well.

  • Lunch Outlook 2013, 2017, 2019, 365
  • Select the email which causing trouble for you.
  • Click Home Tab from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select Junk from the delete section >> Block Sender

Home Tab

  • When you see the Outlook Security window, click the Run on Digital Game Tools Ltd message.

When you see the Outlook Security window, click Run on Digital Game Tools Ltd message.

Another way to block unwanted emails from specific senders is by utilizing Gmail’s built-in filters. First, one should visit their Gmail inbox and narrow it down to a specific sender/email address you wish to block and then as they hover over the sender, it will display a down arrow that you can click on and select Block “name of sender”.

One should notice right away that any further communication from this particular email address has been blocked and automatically sent straight to the trash folder.

Block Sender

In both the options the result is the same, this strategy doesn’t work for multiple senders.

Create Block List

Outlook is smart, so it allows users to create a block list where the user can either enter the name or email address and then Outlook just blocks that person or domain.

Click Home Tab >> Select ‘Junk’ >> ‘Junk E-mail Options’.

‘Junk E-mail Options’.

Junk Email options pop up appears >> Select Blocked Sender Tab

Blocked Sender

  • Click Add
  • In the “Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list” box, enter the name or
  • address that you want to add. You can enter according to the below pattern:
  1. [email protected]

From now on, your Gmail window looks like this: In case of multiple email addresses sent over from different domains: From now on, your Gmail window will show the junk messages folder (the one with the red exclamation mark. like this

In the above example, you have to add multiple email addresses or domains to block them from your inbox one by one. If a user has an Excel file with all the email addresses they want to block and wants to import them into Outlook,

they can do so instantly and easily using a built-in feature called “Import from File” which allows the user to import all your email addresses into block list instantly with a single click.

In the Junk E-mail Options pop-up, click Import from file and select the text file that you have prepared with a list of email addresses that you would like to block. Once you import your address list to Outlook, it will automatically block all emails from those addresses.

Once you’ve selected your text file and clicked open, all of your addresses are automatically added to the list of blocked senders. You can then choose to unblock any domains or domains that may have been affected by accidental filtering if necessary.

Stop unwanted email messages from your friends, family and even yourself coming through to your inbox by setting up Outlook filters using the drop-down menus above your email window.

The above process can also help block specific addresses by using the spoofed sender’s email address. The most effective way to stop the emails is to block emails from a specific domain or country/region code

  • Click Home Tab >> Click Junk from the delete section >> then click Junk E-mail Options
  • Select the International tab >> click Blocked Top-Level Domain List

The International Blocked Top-Level Domains List allows you to block any messages from addresses end with a certain country code (Afghanistan), another one ending in IN (India), and yet another ending in AU (Australia). There are numerous country codes you can block.


Block an Email Address in Outlook Web (web) based platform blocks messages from specific email addresses or domains from reaching your inbox. You can remove a sender’s messages in your inbox using the Sweep feature and prevent these messages to reappear in your mailbox. Are you interested in how it works? Let’s start.

  • Open
  • Go to the settings gear icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Click view all outlook setting
  • Select Mail >> Junk Mail
  • In the Blocked senders and domains section, select Add. Then enter the domain you want to block.

Blocked senders and domains

  • You can enter according to the below pattern.
  1. [email protected]
  • Click Save and close the window

Most of the time, this method works for me and keeps unwanted emails from going into my inbox. It also saves on storage space, meaning I can enjoy using the service smoothly.

How to unblock email in Outlook?

I wonder why I’m not receiving emails from this specific domain – first I checked the storage capacity, but it’s available. This is when I started to realize that some of the domains on my blacklist were blocking the email from getting through to me.

But occasionally I really need to receive those emails, so here’s what I do – send myself a test email by using a different account that’s also on my blacklist – as long as my inbox does not contain any new messages pertaining to said sender/domain then I delete the email account that’s on `blacklist and now it automatically starts receiving all messages related to both (or simply just one) of those accounts.

There are two methods

  • Remove the domain added to the blocked list.
  • Or add the specific email address in the safe sender list of that blocked domain.

Follow the steps:

  • Click Home Tab >> Select “Junk” >> “Junk E-mail Options”.

Junk E-mail Options

In the Junk Email Options dialogue box, select the Safe Senders tab:

 Safe Senders

Click Add to add a new sender to the Safe Senders list and enter their email address or domain.

Click Add to add a new sender to the Safe Senders list and enter their email address or domain.

Click Ok, this process is quite simple, from now onwards email message received from a specific email address doesn’t resist Outlook.