How To Change Outlook to Dark Theme?

How To Change Outlook to Dark Theme, with all of these new features available to you, it just might be difficult to balance the best of both worlds.

While the standard Outlook theme and color scheme may look good to the average audience, there are other options out there when it comes down to proper distribution of content that is better suited to this new age of technology.

Outlook’s default settings may work fine for some, but you can use Outlook Dark Mode to give your inbox a more user-friendly appearance.

Working in Outlook is a lot like driving to work on a freeway. Sure, you could go inside your workplace from home and all be on the same network, but nothing beats the ease of doing business from one centralized location and that’s what email platforms are to businesses in 2018 and beyond.

The Outlook application comes in three different colors. Black, grey, and white backgrounds. The user may choose a color that they enjoy.

What is Outlook Dark Mode?

Outlook’s Dark Mode is highly beneficial in helping a user prepare for the day. The mode switches the screen to a darker background making it simple to dive right into emails seamlessly, allowing it be easier to focus on tasks at hand and get work finished efficiently.

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Sadly, this feature is only available on select email providers like, Microsoft 365 (earlier known as Office365), so you have to make sure that you’re using any of these services in order to try out this type of view with your reading experience.

Is Dark Mode the future? Some think so, and some aren’t sure. It depends on your preferences, but choosing your own settings can be liberating.

Switch To Dark Theme in Outlook? [Steps]

It’s difficult to work with the light theme in Microsoft Outlook. Sometimes, users need to change the outlook theme to a dark one so that they can see better at night. There are some ways to change the outlook theme to the dark theme.

While the default Outlook theme is blue and white, using the dark mode switch can give your email a very different appearance. It changes the entire interface to match either dark grey or black color scheme.

How-to-switch-to-the-dark-mode 1

Let’s get started with the guide for turning on dark mode in Outlook.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on the ‘File’ Tab from the left-hand corner of the Outlook screen.
  • Click Office accounts from the sidebar.
  • By Default Colorful theme is selected, you can switch to dark grey or black theme for dark mode in Outlook. office-theme 2
  • Once you hit Dark Grey or Black theme options, Outlook switch to dark mode. dark-grey-mode-outlook 3
  • The color scheme is attractive, In case you need the entire Outlook in Black you can go for it, remember the Black theme is too dark.Black-theme 4

Anytime there’s a change in theme, not only Outlook but other Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel will be impacted too. In turn, anytime you’re working on another platform with the dark mode setting turned on will become more difficult.

There is yet another way to make your theme in Outlook dark mode by following this process step-by-step.

  • Click File>> Options
  • Now from the “General Category” >> scroll to “Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office” section.
  • For the “Office Theme“, change your desired theme from the drop-down list.
  • Finally, Click “OK” to save the changes. Personalize-your-copy-of-Microsoft-Office 5

How To Enable Dark Mode on Android, iPhone & iPad

Outlook Mobile users can use dark mode! To enable this feature, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • Launch Outlook by clicking on the Outlook icon on your AndroidiPhone, or iPad.
  • Tap on the gear icon in the bottom-left corner of the interface. Outlook-For-iPhone 6
  • Clicking on the Settings menu walks you through, few more options, scroll down to the “Preferences” section and click “Appearance”. iPhone-How-To-Enable-Dark-Mode 7
  • Under appearance change the theme option from “System Default” or “Light” to “Dark”.system-default-iPhone 8
  • Once you hit dark mode, the whole outlook changes into a black theme. Outlook-For-iPhone-How-To-Enable-Dark-Mode 9

Microsoft Outlook offers its users a black-themed mode for composing emails, but this has always been paired with the traditional white theme but this is now changing! The success of Google’s Inbox mail client has caused many employees within Microsoft to demand that the company make available its own dark themed scheme.

Eventually, those demands became so loud-voiced that it was impossible to ignore anymore and as such, Microsoft has re-introduced their popular yet retired dark theme in their emailing service.

In this article, every possible way one can enable and disable Dark Mode (night mode) in Microsoft Outlook is outlined. Remember to come back again and share how you customize your interface in Outlook today.


In conclusion, the new dark mode in Outlook is definitely a nice touch. If you’re a fan of dark themes or if you just like having a more pleasant-looking experience it’s worth checking out. In order to turn on this handy feature, find the settings gear in the top right corner of your screen and click on it.

In order to turn dark mode on, one must scroll down in the settings menu and then click on ‘Other’. Next, the user will have to venture into ‘Options’.

Microsoft Outlook recently introduced a Dark Mode, so I’m really happy with the new update. Outlook is a leader in its industry and I know if they add more design features like Dark Mode, it will only help make their product even better. Dark Mode is popular on the internet and it’s also starting to make its way into other applications too.

In conclusion, it’s easy to change the theme of your Outlook and make it look better. So, what are you waiting for set the theme on your Outlook in no time and start using it right away?