How To Change Outlook View? – Explanation Guide

How To Change Outlook View? “By default, Mail’s front page is probably beautiful, with the Reading Pane, email folders everything is designed it seems perfect.”

You can modify it according to your convenience, In this article, you will learn all the basics of Outlook View.

Compact View

By default, Outlook is configured to display the Inbox in ordered view, which minimizes the length of each message and other elements within the Inbox.

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  • The first line shows the sender of the email (Email address / Name of person or sender).
  • The second line indicates the subject and received date of the email.
  • Finally, in the third line, you can preview the message body of the email. Compact-View-768x335 1

You can expand or reduce the third line of text by changing the “Message Preview section” under the arrangement.message-preview 2

Single View

A single view is quite different from a compact view. It allows you to see more than one thing at once, which is really handy when you’re working on a project with multiple collaborators or if you want to be able to compare the differences between two separate versions of your app for example.

You can display this type of view by clicking View >> Change View >> Single. Single-view-outlook 3

In the single view, there are changes in visibility, which contains the message list and reading pane.

  • The first line shows all kinds of information of an email importance status, reminders, attachments, sender, mention, subject, received date, etc.
  • And the second line, you can preview the message body of the email, similarly to the above method.

Users may also check the ” Columns ” tab which will display any columns they have added. Outlook-Preview-768x243 4

Preview View

It’s possible to change the FileMaker view you are working in. For example, you can jump from a compact view to a single view, or vice-versa. preview-view-outlook 5

The preview pane is the same as the reading pane, except that it does not display any content from your message. You can review an instant overview of your email messages in full-width sections. Outlook-Single-View 6

  • The first line shows every field of an email in a column, such as from, subject, received, size, flag, etc. No matter how many columns you have added to this view, they will display in the message list.
  • The second line indicates the subject and received date of the email.
  • Finally, in the third line, you can preview the message body of the email.

Customized Current View

Apart from this feature, you are also able to customize your experience by editing the view to suit your particular workstation-, and then adjusting it according to your preferences.

How to Add Column In The Current View in Outlook

The Compact view won’t show you the columns in Outlook, but thankfully you can switch over to either Single or Preview views so that you can check out the columns.

When Outlook first loads up, it shows by default some columns, but in case you need to add more columns or remove any existing ones, here’s how to do exactly that:

  • Open the specified mail folder (for instance inbox folder), and click View>> Add Columns. add-coloumn 7
  • Show Columns dialog appears with multiple options. There are two segments (options) available.
  • Show these columns in this order consist of particulars that are already available in the folder header.
  • In the Available columns list box, please click to select the specified column you will add.
  • Select available columns from the drop-down list which opens up the list of categories, it is recommended to select All Mail fields. Show-colomn 8
  • In the Available columns list box, please click to select the specified column you will add.

Let’s take an example:

  • Select “Cc” >> Click the Add Add-CC-in-the-colomn 9

Note: To add a new column, simply double-click on the empty space of the required spreadsheet and it will give you an option to create columns.

  • Cc potion adds in the right-hand side options, you can use move up and down options to move it to the proper position. Show-these-columns-in-this-order 10
  • Finally, click Ok and you can see Ccadded in the column. How-to-customize-Outlook-to-make-it-your-own-768x438 11

Methods To Remove Column From The Current View in Outlook?

In order to remove columns from an existing folder in your Google Drive, there are a few different approaches to this process:

In the compact view of Inbox, columns are hidden by default. How To Change Outlook View If you want to remove bcc from this view and see further options you have to switch to Single/preview or Outbox / Sent.

Click Add Columns to open the Show Columns dialog. Remove Cc from the left-hand column and add Cc to the right-hand column.

How To Reset Outlook View?

You can change Outlook back to Classic View easily. To do so, first, go to the view settings and place a checkmark next to “Use classic layout in the Reading pane” on the General tab.

Close any open dialog boxes, and then clear out all of your open emails. This change goes into effect when you reopen your Outlook window – not before.

Apart from this, customized and organized email in a folder according to your requirement is another fantastic option available. Changing the font size while composing or replying to an email, or just receiving one are some superb features of Outlook.