How To Change The Classic Ribbon View In Microsoft Outlook?

How To Change The Classic Ribbon View Microsoft Outlook recently changed the ribbon on their program and altered the design a bit. The classic view has multiple icons and ribbons have fewer icons on them.

Classic View Classic-View 1

The classic view consists of entire icons.

Simplified View simplified-view-768x148 2

The new, simplified ribbon consists of more space for fingers to click the icons, (in case using touchscreen system).

To switch between the ribbon and a classic menu, you can select either option from the View tab.

A simplified ribbon view is meant to be easy to figure out. At the same time, it needs a lot of space which makes an ideal design choice for devices that have a smaller screen as opposed to desktop computers where you have additional space available only next to the sidebar instead of above or below it.

Outlook touch mode is also supposed to be an intuitive way of interacting with email while still being a familiar-looking experience for those switching from another service.

For me, the classic view is a lot better and I prefer that, How To Change The Classic Ribbon View but honestly, I’m not against some of the improvements Material Design brings to the table especially since it adds a lot of great utility.

Start by opening the Microsoft Word ribbon and then selecting the “More commands” button. A dropdown list appears with:

  • Classic Ribbon
  • Simplified Ribbon

Ribbon design automatically changes based on the individual app you’re currently working in.

So you can continue to work, as usual, just close the Ribbon-Customize-Window. All the changes have been saved automatically.