How To Customize the Theme And Formatting For Outlook Mail?

Microsoft Office features a default theme and color scheme, but its appearance can be personalized to fit the needs of your business.

The color, theme, font size and even shape of the text can all be altered or changed altogether so that everything from the look of your Word documents to other Microsoft apps (i.e. Excel, PowerPoint) is coordinated with your branding.

When we look at an email from a particular brand, the content is usually well-written. However, once you click on their link and open the message, you are automatically put into contact with them which means they’re forcing your hand even if you would rather not be affected by it.

How To Change Outlook Theme?

Outlook’s default background is white. The font size can be changed to 11 and the font style to Calibri.

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Outlook consists of default settings, here are a few steps to change the background color for a single email message you’re creating.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click Home >> New Items >> E-mail messages using >> more stationary outlook-change-background-color 1
  • Step 2 – The theme dialog box presents a few unique designs already build; you can choose according to your choice. outlook-email-background 2

You can select a theme from the left-hand side and check the preview on the right-hand side, click ok after finalization of your theme and background.

Step 3. This will allow you to change the outlook themes from the default colors and images to ones that best fit your brand. The mail should appear in line with the color scheme of your website or other branded items.

You can choose your theme in the WordPress menus. How To Customize the Theme And Formatting For Outlook Mail If you want to change your theme, be sure to select another one that catches your eye.

How To Edit Stationery in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook’s standard font size is “11.,” but you can change the size to something different, such as an easier to read size 10 in order to be more productive––as long as the font style remains consistent.

Click the dropdown button and you can select your font (for example ‘[font=bookman old style]’). How-to-change-font-size-in-Outlook 3

Click font size drop-down and adjust your font size accordingly. how-to-increase-font-size-in-outlook 4

Email template saved, now import into outlook. Designate the file type with .eml.

Save Outlook template as HTML

Once your email template is finished and you’re ready to save it, How To Customize the Theme And Formatting For Outlook Mail be sure to save it in the correct location. It’s very important to place the saved file in a defined location that’s traceable and easily accessible for when changes need to be made, or otherwise.

Why a specific location?

To use your email template, append it to other available email templates in Outlook.

  • Click File >> save as >> copy and paste


These will redirect you and save your file directly in the template area of Outlook. Create-Your-Own-Theme 5

  • Name your theme and select the HTML file. outlook-font-size-too-small 6
  • Click Save, your new Theme is now available for selection from the drop down next to New Message. Your theme will also be made the default theme.

How to use publisher as stationery for outlook?

You can just click file >> options >> mail >> find mail smartly theme (you can also check the preview of the template) >> click OK, now whenever you create a new mail your customized email template will appear. How-to-use-publisher-as-stationery-for-outlook 7

This article will cover almost every facet of email stationeries.