How To Combine Multiple Outlook Emails Into One PDF?

How To Combine Multiple Outlook Emails Into One PDF? can you imagine having 30+ unopened emails in your inbox? It’s almost as bad when they are still in their original format or worse, emailed as a PDF.

We can relate to the frustration of seeing an email open but unable to read it because it’s in a different format such as DOCX. Just for this situation, Squiz Matrix has a solution: the Squiz Matrix Email Converter. This trusty tool makes it possible for our customers to convert all of those emails into one editable format.

There are times when we get too much email. And while it’s great that others want to connect with us, sometimes it can be a lot to deal with.

So the next time we have a large number of emails to respond to or manage, one way we can save time is by combining all of the emails in one single Outlook email into a PDF file.

That’s nice to hear, but easier said than done. Fortunately, the default functionality for Outlook makes it a snap to merge multiple emails into one PDF document.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most powerful platforms to keep track of all your emails, as it organizes and manages everything. The main feature of MS Outlook is that it allows you to store copies of all your emails in platforms like PDFs which are long-lasting and mostly acceptable externally.

Steps to convert multiple emails to PDF

There is no solution that can combine multiple Outlook emails as a PDF. If you decide to save the email as an attachment rather than a file, the results will be good size stretches of unbroken text with no formatting or images included:

You can selectively save your emails as PDFs. Each one will be put into a PDF of its own, and you’ll have that single PDF for your viewing or sharing pleasure.

Using select all as your translation method, you will produce HTML, TXT, MHT, MSG, and Template format translations of selected emails.

Currently, Microsoft Windows includes a Print to PDF option available in place of the printer if you do/don’t have a printer installed.

  • Open the folder
  • Select multiple emails you like to save as PDF using the Ctrl key.
  • Click File Tab >> Click Print >> Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the Printer drop-down list.
  • Click Preview and check out all selected emails and how they would be printed to the pdf file.
  • Click Print. Printer-in-outlook 1
  • Save Print Output As dialog appears, select your location, name your file, Save as file by default is selected PDF document (*.pdf), which can’t be changed. Printing-Outlook 2
  • Finally Click Save. You can check your location, the selected message has been converted to a PDF file.