How To Create a Shared Calendar in Outlook? – Explanation Guide

Remembering events includes a calendar and marking your paper calendar is the only option while in its early days, but now digitalization makes it super easy. Just you have to do is enter your data.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is one excellent way not only to keep track of sent and received emails but also to remind you and alert you for upcoming events that are scheduled.

What is Microsoft Outlook Calendar?

Outlook is a very good way to schedule activities and events, especially meetings in addition to tasks throughout your day and any other time frames you might set up.

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It helps organize calendar notices for you so that you won’t miss the upcoming event(s) occurring on certain days like during the week or month.

Having Outlook keep track of all your meetings, events, and tasks can be a real-life saver if you’re not as organized as others, who will also appreciate it when Outlook reminds them about their appointments.

How to create a shared calendar in outlook?

Creating a calendar is perhaps the easiest way to ensure you don’t forget any upcoming events. Step by step here are the steps to take to quickly set up a Google Calendar account.

  • Go to the calendar by clicking the navigation button on the left-hand button of the page. outlook-calendar 1
  • Afterlife is hard. It’s a lot of answering emails, reports and calls. There’s no way out of it either.
  • Click Home >>Open Calendar >> click Create New Blank Calendar how-to-share-outlook-calendar 2
  • You have to give some name and click OK outlook-calendar-permissions 3

In your calendar, you can add the dates of upcoming events and check the schedule. You can add a lot of events in only a single sheet. microsoft-outlook-calendar 4

  • Go to Home Tab >> Click Email Calendar >> select the range.outlook-share-calendar 5
  • Click OK
  • Your calendar is attached with the mail, enter the recipient email ID and subject. how-to-create-a-shared-calendar-in-outlook 6

Outlook calendar advanced features

Sophisticated Outlook handles your daily routine without fail. You will never miss any task, notification or email.

  • Easily create a secondary calendar.
  • Share a calendar inside and outside your organization.
  • Email your calendar.
  • You can create a calendar group.
  • Schedule a meeting/recurring meeting
  • To-Do list
  • Many more.

How Microsoft Outlook calendar benefits the common man

Not paying your credit card bill on time, How To Create a Shared Calendar in Outlook missing an important installment or being unable to attend a parent meeting in school are some of the more urgent events in one’s life that require proper attention at the proper time.

Missing or avoiding opportunities to improve your finances causes a financial dent in your pocket.

Microsoft Outlook comes in handy as a personal assistant and reminds you of your upcoming events.