How To Create A Poll In Outlook With Multiple Options?

How To Create A Poll In Outlook With Multiple Options? A quick poll in Outlook features is only available for Office 365 (business) subscription version and not for the home version. This feature is only available for Office 2019 or Office 2016 if your subscription allows it.

Quick poll is a feature made for PowerPoint users, which allows one to add voting buttons in the message body where you can include multiple questions from your audience. You need not type something that your audience will bother reading or bothering at all for that matter.

Create a quick poll using Microsoft Forms, and you can set it up so all recipients partake in responding to your question via the link that is inserted into the email message.

In this article, you will learn how to embed a poll into outlook email using the quick polls online service.

Create a poll Outlook

Outlook email serves as a gateway where we can easily initiate polls and get the eyes and opinions of our friends, families and colleagues in order to learn more about them.

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Let’s begin and see how we use the polling tool to send out surveys in outgoing emails so that we can hear back from you directly & informally on certain matters.

  • Make sure you are working on Office 365 (for business).
  • Open Outlook 365 Application
  • Click on the New mail tab.
  • Click Insert Tab >> Hit “poll” under include section. 1 pic
  • A panel appears on the right-hand side of the screen, including a form where you will fill in your answers: 2 pic

You can create your own poll in an email, adding up to four possible responses for recipients to choose from. With this option, each recipient may pick all that apply.

Now that you’ve voted, click continue to the main app screen.

You can preview how the poll will look like to the recipient before sending. 3 pic

Simply click on Edit to make changes if you wish, then proceed with the next step “Add to email”.

You don’t have to worry about edit your email content every time we do a poll or vote. How To Create A Poll In Outlook With Multiple Options We will modify the title depending on what type of poll is happening and not you. 4 pic

You can also create and edit your email message, add a subject line of your choosing, add content without any limitations and personalize it with a personal signature. You can save these incomplete emails as drafts and send them later when you choose so that you’ll be able to take care of other pressing matters.

That’s the end of the process! You’re creating new polls with Outlook to share your results with recipients. Next, let’s talk about how recipients will see and respond to responses you send them.

How to Respond to a poll in Outlook? [How Poll Look like]

When the recipient clicks on the poll link, they will have the option to view your Customized message. As soon as they click your customized message, the ​ User’s Default web browser will launch and direct them to your customized survey. 5 pic

  • Select the option, enter the email address, and finally click Vote.

Poll Options Greyed out in Outlook

I am highlighting this because the majority of users are unable to find the poll key, even if you are using office 365 (business) subscription version.

Finding a voting button in Outlook required some tweaking by using technical backhands, but at least we saved some time and effort here. Let’s dive in:

  • Open Outlook, Select Office 365 (Business) account email address.
  • Click “Addin” from the home tab.
  • Type Quick poll in the search bar. 6 pic
  • Click Add, Quick Poll adding added in the Message Tab. 7 pic
  • Now you can check out the Poll icon under the insert tab. 8 pic