How To Create A Watermark In Microsoft Outlook?

How To Create A Watermark In Microsoft Outlook, images can also be used as watermarks. WordPress is a dynamic CMS (Content Management System) and is mainly focused on creating websites that are high in functionality.

Like Joomla & Drupal, WordPress is an open-source Content Management System that takes out the need for you to pay for any software or to get your own web server up and running and saves costs for hosting your site as well.

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Microsoft Outlook is a product that many people use to manage their emails, calendaring and task lists. When users get an organized outlook from their work or other organizations, it is more efficient and easier to find out what they need.

Although Outlook doesn’t give you a direct feature for adding watermarks to your messages, there are tons of platforms available that allow you to insert watermarks into your documents. Here are the steps for using Microsoft Word 2013 for inserting custom watermarks in Outlook.

How to create a watermark in Word for outlook

Here is Step by step instructions to create a watermark in word.

  • Step 1 – Open Microsoft Word >> Click Design from in the ribbon (my preference is office 2019).
  • Step 2 – Click Watermark – You can see a few samples (regular design) of watermarks.


  • Click Custom watermark for more options and design, colour text and many more.

# Select the Text watermark checkbox.

# Type the text that you want in the Text box.

# Format the text that you want and how you want.

# Click OK.


You can use the AutoText button if you would like to start your own text. This will copy text from another word processor file into your new document and a blue watermark will be added on your screen to show where it has been copied from.

You’ve created a watermark in Microsoft word. Now, it’d be great if you could save it on your local hard disk and then you can insert it on different images to check how good the font looks.

  • Click the Print screen from your keyboard and take the screenshot and save the image in JPEG/PNG picture.
  • Now you have the watermark you created.

How to add a draft watermark in outlook?

Adding a background image to a Message in Outlook is a straightforward task regardless of its complexity.

However, if you’d like some quick and easy instructions on how to add this functionality without having to go through all the hassle of product research or waiting for customer support, then simply follow these few steps.

Not only can you apply a solid colour, gradient, texture, or pattern to the background of your emails: but you can also use a custom picture that shows off an accurate depiction of your project’s vision.

  • Click Home Tab & Select New Mail
  • Click the Options Tab of the New mail window
  • Find out the themes section and click Page colour

page colors

  • Click Fill Effects, and you will get another dialogue box.

Fill Effects

  • To add your picture, click the “picture option” on the right-hand side. When you do so, it should give you the available files that are currently saved in your iTunes library. Follow those simple steps and your image will be added to your slide.
  • Bing Image Search is also available as an online search feature that you can use to search for and select photos based on your specific preferences/needs.
  • Now that your document is open, you can click the File tab and then click Print.

Preview watermark

Now with each email, you send your recipients will see a watermark on the bottom right corner of your message. You can boost your marketing efforts simply by sending regular newsletters which contain images and messages that are engaging and easy to click through.

Your content should be interesting and fresh, not to mention directly relevant to your clients so they’ll feel inclined to click through.