How To Group Email Message in Outlook Inbox? – Using Group By

Personally, I have always been a big fan of Microsoft Excel. The most attractive thing about Excel is the ability to group items together.

I love it when things are categorized and put in order so that I can work smarter and faster. How To Group Email Message in Outlook Inbox In Outlook, the flow of emails is never-ending! Keeping tabs on them all and arranging them according to my convenience helps me work faster.

I found out how to tag my messages in my inbox using Outlook, so I can sort things by category.

Throughout this article, I will share a guide on how to manage email groups efficiently.

How to make a group email list in outlook

Earlier in the previous article we noted that Outlook could be used to create helpful email that saves time filtering your contacts. As you might imagine, having separate folders for each sub-group can be quite helpful with email correspondence.

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Have a conversation with people in your group emails. Group by: dates, from, subject, send

Multigrading superstore with numerous products leads to a tangle that neither the store manager nor the customer can straighten out.

Method A

By default, emails are arranged by date, with the newest on top. This can be helpful when you’re going through messages looking for a specific one. How To Group Email Message in Outlook Inbox Some people prefer to also group emails by subject or by who it is forwarded by.

There is an arrow that appears next to the clusters of elements you have on the canvas, which allows you to change the order in which they are arranged. arrange-by-date 1

Click on the date in the subject line, it will show you all your emails for that day in chronological order. Arrange-filter-sort-email-in-outlook 2

Method B

Let’s dive in:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Select the folder (Inbox)
  • Click on View Tab >> View Settings.make-a-group-email-list-in-outlook 3
  • Advanced view setting dialog box appears. >> Click Group by.advanced-view-setting 4
  • Another dialog box appears where you can group the required email messages.
  • Attachment
  • Category
  • CC
  • Contacts
  • Conversation
  • Created
  • Do not auto-archive
  • Due date
  • Flag completed date
  • Flag status
  • Follow up flag
  • From
  • IMAP Status
  • Importance
  • Receive
  • Receive representative name
  • Recipient Name
  • RSS Feed
  • Sensitivity
  • Send
  • Start date
  • Subject
  • To 5 pic

You can arrange email by group, then by date and then subject pattern in the mail list results.