How To Create Multiple Signatures In Outlook? – Detailed Guide

How To Create Multiple Signatures In Outlook, Outlook enables you to have multiple email addresses and works with a single inbox by adding one signature to the bottom of the message.

As outlined in current MS Office rules, this capability is not available in programs like Word or Powerpoint, but it can be used specifically inside Outlook at will.

If you have multiple email accounts for different purposes, such as a personal or business account, or even an account for purchasing items online or banking, you may need to send emails from more than one address. And this is possible with Outlook 2013.

Why Multiple Signatures is required?

Outlook is a popular email client because it allows customers to keep all of their email addresses active in one place, as well as customize their own individual email signature for any given email account.

You may choose to use a different signature for your internal emails as opposed to your external ones, but how do you go about generating one in Outlook?

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You can apply your signature in the embedded document when editing a document, you will find your custom signature that can be inserted quickly with a single click. Use the menu edit option to change the signature by selecting “Insert Signature > Edit Signature” Create-Multiple-Signatures-in-Outlook 1

Steps to Create Multiple Signatures in Outlook?

In this article, you will learn how to create multiple signatures in Outlook. A number of email signatures can greatly increase our efficiency when it comes to communicating with others using emails whether it’s for business or private communication.

To create multiple signatures, you have to repeat the process of signature preparation and name the prepared signatures differently.

Let’s revive the method once again:

Open Microsoft Outlook

  • Click File >> Options >> Click Mail from the left-hand portion of the screen
  • Click Signature from the right-hand segment of the screen
  • Signature and a Stationery dialog box appears >> Click New New-Signature-outlook 2
  • Create your own customized signature or choose from the “Get Signature templateSignature-and-stationary-768x579 3

You’re able to create multiple signatures with the same method instance.

Choose Default Signature

Once you have multiple signatures set up in Outlook, imposing them (applying the default signature when using new mail, reply, or forward functionalities) is really interesting.

  • Select Email from the drop-down list “Email accounts“
  • Secondly, Select the drop-down list in front of the “New messages“
  • Lastly, Select the drop-down list in front of “Replies/Forward“

Put this select adjust default signature setting in outlook which ultimately helps tilt when not to gyrate your coffee mug or to see its color.

How To Impose Different Signatures?

In Gmail, you can use the “Signature” field to automatically include your signature while writing emails. With Hotmail/Live Mail, there are a couple of different ways to quickly sign your emails.

Sometimes, different email addresses are required to get a handle on your project’s deliverables.

Open a new email, go to the Message tab, Under the Include section and click on the arrow in the Signature button. A list of signatures will appear. Outlook-signature-list-300x278 4

You can now easily compose your email message and insert your signature with one action in Mail on iPhone. Tap, Hold & Copy on the Signature you want to insert into a new outgoing email.

Programmed default signature in case of multiple email addresses is much easier than manually selecting signature for every email message, It’s no secret that managing multiple email signatures manually can take up a lot of time.