How to Create to Do List in Outlook?

You can prepare your ‘to-do list’ for a lot of things in one go instead of doing them in parts. This may be done for parties, tours, office assignments, or financial investments. You need to make sure that the work is completed within schedule and has all the required details.

Does Microsoft outlook have a to-do list? Of course, it does – everyone has a to-do list, doesn’t everyone? The best thing about office organization software is that you can automate your work by creating tasks and managing them as well.

Microsoft Outlook lets you take all your tasks with you in one easy-to-use list that keeps track of when tasks are due and makes them pop up on the screen just when you need them.

In this article, you’ll learn all about how to create a to-do list in Outlook.

How to Create to Do List in Outlook?

Globally every user whether an employee or self-employed uses a computer, laptop, computer system or personal digital assistants where they are located but have to keep in mind that they need to remember various tasks and even if they are sitting at one place their minds will still be on the various projects.

How Outlook Task List Produces the Best Results?

For instance:- I personally use to check my investment return on a daily basis, but I tend to review my investments in the morning because market conditions change. If I am required to shuffle some of them for a higher return, it’s better to do so in the morning when market conditions are favourable.

However, due to my busy office schedule, I forget the things that I needed to do. Outlook reminds (TO DO LIST) to help me remember those tasks.

How Does Microsoft Outlook Create a to-do List/task?

The reason why you should use outlook to create a to-do list is that it offers so many benefits:

Step 1 – Click view tab >> To-Do bar >> CalenderCalender
Step 2 – Double click the calendar and a separate dialogue box. This is a calendar app for android that has several functions, including the ability to schedule work weeks and weeks, as well as appointments for specific months.

to do tab outlook

Step 3 – Create your monthly to-do list (monthly planner) – this will help you stay on top of the important things, and avoid missing any events that are coming up.

To do calender outlook

The monthly planner and reminder work for you to remind you, so you will get the reminders according to your requirements.

Outlook’s task list is great because it allows you to see your entire task list even if you’re focusing on another tab in the program. After inputting new task details, Outlook reminds you of pending tasks and lists them at the side of your calendar.

Outlook makes it a herculean challenge to see when your colleagues are available.

todo bar calendar outlook

  • Click View >> layout section >> Click todo bar >> check calender
  • You can easily encounter the calendar on the right side of your outlook screen as well as the list of tasks for the upcoming days as per schedule.

How to View Tasks in Outlook?

To get a view of your to-do list in Microsoft Outlook, you need to go into the Task tab.

  • By tapping the Task option in the navigation pane, you will get a separate task dialogue box.

outlook with calendrer and tasks

How to View Tasks in Outlook?

Outlook has several different views to choose from depending on what works best for each individual.

todo list dialog box

  • Detailed View
  • Simple View
  • To-do List
  • Prioritized
  • Active
  • Completed
  • Today
  • Next 7 days
  • Overdue
  • Assigned
  • Server Task

How to Assign Task in Outlook?

Using Microsoft Outlook tasks to manage a team is a great way to stay on track with your progress, especially if you’re running your project or company remotely. It’s a great service that helps high-level managers get an overview of all of their commitments in one place, and can be used 24/7 to keep track of any elements that you might otherwise overlook, including the work which has been allocated to the members of your team.

So how does it work?

  • For assigning a task to another team member, go to the Task tab in the Tasks dialogue box. By clicking the Create button, you can add the new task and assign it to whoever you want. The bottom section of this same dialogue contains social buttons so that you can share it by Twitter or Facebook for example or invite others to collaborate on your tasks and much more.
  • When you start a new task, make sure you provide appropriate information in the form of this template. It will help your team to understand what an assignment is about and help them complete the task on time.
  • When cancelling an assignment you can click the cancel Assignment toggle task button.
  • Send the mail to your team members by entering their email ids into this function.

Task assignment outlook

  • You should have seen the changes on the product discussion without being prompted to check them out.

outlook assistment mail

What Is the Difference Between to-do List and Tasks in Outlook?

When flagging an email in your inbox, by doing so the particular message is automatically converted into a task. It’s helpful to use this tool if you want to keep track of which emails and don’t want them to slip through the cracks.

  • A Task is an assignment, which is stored in a Tasks Folder.
  • A To-Do is the flagged Outlook item that indicates a regular follow-up, usually flagged email, as well as all of the tasks in the Task folders in the profile.

Click (Ctrl+Shift+K) shortcut to get a new task generation dialogue box.

How to Turn an Email Into a Task Outlook

Outlook can convert emails to tasks which makes it possible for employees to incorporate their work in Outlook (either blended with other emails or as a side column), and likewise, you can easily convert emails into your task or To-Do list.

Not only in the workplace are there certain emails that require personal attention as well like paying your child’s school fee or maybe your phone bill.

When you receive an email from such an area, you can turn it automatically into tasks in Outlook.

  1. A simple solution to your overloaded inbox is to convert all of your emails into tasks. Create a new task by highlighting the relevant email with the red flag in Word (Ctrl+Shift+8).
  2. If you want to convert an email message into a task, simply copy and paste it into the Inbox of your Todoist account and you’re done! Easily assign due, start and priority dates, the person assigned to the task as well as additional notes when necessary.
  3. With the email highlighted, drag and drop it onto the Outlook tasks bar.

Microsoft Outlook To-do List Export Excel

Exporting your task list into excel helps you analyze your data using different filters. Here is a step by step guide:

  • Click File >> Open & ExportImport Export Icon
  • Import and Export dialogue box, click Export to a file >> click the Next button
  • Select Comma Separated Values >> Click Next
  • Point out the Tasks folder under the email account which you want to export in Excel, then click the Next button
  • Name your file and select the location by clicking browse >> Click Next
  • The next dialogue box asks you to set the date range you want to save the data between.

set date range outlook

The finishing touch: after you are done with your research, type up all the notes you have made during your search so as to let them be of good use later on. Once, your project is complete, sit back & relax! You deserve it.