How To Embed Video in Outlook Email? – Explanation Guide

When sending a link to an email message, you can integrate a video. This is useful because your recipient will have the ability to watch it without leaving your mailing list.

But to play the video, Outlook must be able to play it. If you are unaware, Outlook supports many file types for photos and audio, but video is supported via the Quick Time player.


In the past, the email clients Outlook and Outlook Express supported embedded videos in emails.

But in the past video and graphics enabled email clients have fallen victim to malware and virus attacks, which is why they were discontinued.

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While there are many email clients available today, only a small percentage support video embedded in emails.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and above do not support the embedding of videos in emails.

If you want to send video files to your colleagues/clients, you need to upload them online first onto a host such as YouTube or Vimeo, and then paste the URL of the video file into an email.

There is no such thing as embedding a video in an email. It’s technically impossible to do this for any specific content because videos are supposed to come with links, which then open up into another page or another window.

Microsoft Outlook does not support embedding video in emails.

There are many approaches you can use to add video posts to your email newsletter, such as YouTube and Vimeo sequences/playlists.

  • Embed a video in Outlook emails by linking it to a picture
  • Add video to Outlook emails by inserting it as an attachment (a common method).

In this report, I’ll help you get started by providing the crucial steps to make it happen. Video link

How To Embed Video in Outlook using Image?

In a normal state, copy any YouTube video, paste it into your message body, help you send the link to your recipient. However, this isn’t considered as embedded. Follow these steps:

  • Open Outlook >> Insert Thumbnail Image and add a hyperlink to it.
  • Go to insert >> Click Pictures >> This Device. Add-Hyperlink-to-Image-in-Outlook 1

If you want to add an image, click the right mouse button and select Add Image. How-to-hyperlink-images-in-Outlook 2

Insert Link lets you log into Twitter and then begin writing right away with a real-time link to what you’re talking about! It’s easy to share images and your location in the app and posting on the go is incredibly convenient so get tweeting today.

Click on the Link field and set the hyperlink image. To do so, paste an existing file/web page address and replace it with the desired video link text. existing-file-and-web-page 3

Click the ‘Ok’ button to finish. How To Embed Video in Outlook Email The video is opening in a new tab, and you can play it there or in this one – no problem.

Apart from this, you can also use GIFs from your video, which are up to five seconds long with vision like the video in your article. Please keep in mind that content under 600 words has a high bounce rate.

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Send video (commonly .mp4 format) to Outlook emails by inserting it as an attachment

The most common way to send videos through Outlook email messages is to attach it as a file. While Outlook doesn’t officially support video attachment sizes beyond 20 megabytes, there are certain workarounds to get around this size limitation. attach-image-in-outlook 4

you may want to add a few recent photos from your camera or cell phone as attachments or locate them from your computer by clicking on Browse this PC.

After attachment it looks like this:attachment-outlook 5

If you keep having issues with the output video file being too large, then try changing some of your compression settings in the output panel.

Insert Or Copy/Paste Web Page in Email Body of Outlook

You can simply copy and paste the YouTube URL into your message body. It will come through as a clickable link along with a thumbnail of the video displayed.


In conclusion, Microsoft Outlook’s business applications far outweigh its basic email features.

There are several ways to embed videos in Outlook email. How To Embed Video in Outlook Email Generally, the most common method is to use an embedding tool. I hope you find this resource useful and helpful.

In summary, there is no way to embed videos in an email without Outlook. However, there are a few different ways and while they may require some technical savvy, they’re all relatively straightforward.

Review videos with your intended recipient to ensure they’re the right choice.