How To Export Contacts From Iphone To Outlook

How To Export Contacts From iPhone To Outlook is extremely easy and straightforward. With our tips and tricks below, you’ll be able to do it without a hitch in just five simple steps.

Import and export are two verbs you will find in the process from Apple Support because with them it’s easier to transfer contacts from iPhone mobiles to the computer or laptop or vice versa.

How to download contacts from iPhone?

iPhone users are all too familiar with iTunes, Apple’s online platform that allows you to connect your phone with the same user name and password. You can use this platform to smoothly export iPhone contacts to a CSV file.

So the question is How to transfer iPhone contacts to Outlook via iTunes?

  • Step 1 – Open a web browser, go to, then sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and Password.
  • Step 2 – You will get the notification on your iPhone, approve it.
  • Step 3 – Apple ID verification code (six digits) display on your phone, you have to enter the two-way verification code on the browse at the same time.
  • You can see your iPhone desktop appears on your computer desktop. Click the Contacts >> setting button on the left-hand bottom corner.
  • Click Select All (here we are talking about all your contacts) >> Click export Vcard

Select All

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How to import contacts from iPhone to outlook?

Have you ever wondered if you could use the same file type to take care of both Outlook exports of contacts or even better,

vCard files? Well, there is a nifty little program called Contact Picture Keeper that’s fast and efficient in not just getting the job done but also making it an exciting adventure since you get to meet new people along the way.

Outlook allows you to import a .vcf file and you can easily export iPhone contacts into Microsoft Outlook. You may have difficulty exporting Apple Mail contacts into Outlook, however. This article should be helpful when attempting to transfer mail contacts from Apple Mail to Outlook.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click File >> Open & Export >> Import and Export

Open & Export

  • Step 2 – Import and Export Wizard appears >> click Export a VCARD File (.vcf) to sync iPhone contacts with outlook >> Click Next.

Export a VCARD File

  • Step 3 – You have to select the saved (.vcf) file from your system and upload it to Outlook.

Always copy your contacts individually when exporting in your default favorite format. Many people have many valuable contacts stored in one contact file but Outlook won’t import more than one at a time.

You can only export if you select every individual contact and export it one by one which is just as frustrating. Try copying in vCard format with all its information details including email if present.

This will let you access all of the contacts which saves you a lot of time from selecting or importing each contact manually.

How to Import to Windows Contacts?

To start off with, you will need to convert the .vcf file to a more compatible format using either MS Access or MS Excel. One can upload each email address into Outlook as a separate contact.

To import contacts from a single file- it can be vcf, CSV, txt etc to your existing Contacts folder follow the steps mentioned below.

Click File-> Import->Contacts I will open the file explorer click on “file” at the top menu bar and click on “import” in the pane you can see how many folders are present select the desired one now by clicking on “browse” option you have to select the desired .vcf file.

The above process shall help you import contacts from non-outlook format or non-outlook .eml files into Outlook.

  • Step 1 – Open up a new tab in your browser and type.  You will end up with a Google Doc Template Page where you can start making a list of the various products related to the products in our case study.

convert contact

  • Step 2 –Click Import >> select the name from the drop-down box (if the vCard is saved in that box already), type a description and click Save. Once saved, you will see all your contacts listed under the ‘Contacts’ page. Or if you need to add more contacts, just click ‘+ Add Contact’.

vCard (VCF file)

  • Step 3 – Navigate to the folder containing your (.vcf file), Select the file and click Open.

select a vcard

  • contact file to CSV swiftly converts your contact file into CSV format. it will launch a detailed editing popup where you can edit individually or modify or simply click the ok window to save the (.csv) file into the contact folder.

csv file

  • You can check your contacts saved individually in the contact folder.

contact folder

  • Now’s the time to convert the customer contact list to a CSV. First, select “all” (Ctrl-A). Next, click on the option to export your contacts as a .csv file. Once you have done this with success, you will have all of your customer contact information saved in a safe location for later use.

Click Export

  • Export window contacts popup, select CSV (Comma-separated values) >> Click Export
  • Click Browse a Navigate the place to save (.CSV) file. >> Click Next


  • Select the fields you wish to export (making sure not just to uncheck but also to check only the specific information that you need). >> Click Finish


  • A dialogue box displays telling you the process has been a success. Click OK to close the dialogue box.


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Final steps on how to sync iPhone contacts with outlook

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click File >> Open & Export >> Import and Export
  • Step 2 – Import and Export Wizard appears >> click Import from another file and program >> Click Next.
  • Step 3 – Select Comma Separated values.
  • Step 4 – Click Browse and find your file saved in your system.
  • Step 5 – Select specific email Id contacts to import the file
  • Step 6 – Click Finish followed by the map function.

NOTE: The Map Custom Fields button opens a dialogue box that allows you to specify which fields in the .csv file correspond to which fields in Outlook. The default mapping is usually sufficient to import the information.

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