How Outlook Search Attachment Type? – Straight Forward Methods

Microsoft Outlook allows the user to send emails and it doesn’t matter what file types those attachments are.

Allow finding an email or the sender for that particular date or any criteria. Here you will learn how easily to find out about the type of attachment in outlook if you want to know who sent it to you, or which files were attached in a particular email you received.

Sometimes we have attachments to files that we know the file name of, but we don’t necessarily know the exact location. If you can remember the name something you want to find, Outlook has tools for this sort of thing.

Type of Attachments Files (Extensions) used in Outlook

  • Word Documents – docx
  • Excel Spreadsheet – xlsx
  • PDF Files – pdf
  • PowerPoint Presentation – pptm
  • CSV (Comma Delimited) – csv
  • Web site URL – html
  • Common picture Formats – jpg, png, gif, bmp, tip
  • Zipped folder/RAR (compressed) – zip
  • Plain text – txt

Where to find attachments in outlook?

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The Search Bar available with Outlook enables you to search for emails that were sent to you by your friends and family.

While searching, you may make use of the Search Candidates feature which helps you find files that were attached to a particular email via Microsoft’s proprietary attachment storing mechanism. Find-messages-with-attachments-of-one-specified-file-type-300x170 1

How To Search for a Specific File Type

If you want to search outlook for attachments of a specific file type, in particular docx, pdf, xlsx or zip files etc., you would have to type ext: extension in the Search Box. All examples are given with the word ‘ext’, but it actually supports all types of extensions alike binary and Unicode extensions.

For instance, I could be looking for a zip file that one of my colleagues has sent me by email. At the same time, maybe I’ve forgotten where I put it.

When trying to input the extension of what I’m searching for in the search bar which is to say .zip or .rar, Hunster will then return these results: Search-for-attachments-by-file-extension 2

Search for multiple attachment types in a single search

Sometimes when you get emails in your inbox, they will contain attached files with two or more different types of file extensions. What should we do if that happens?

You can select ‘Find & Replace’. Type down the specific pattern. Select extensions and click on ‘Match Case’ and then okay. Now, you need to click ‘Replace all in all files’.

For example, if you are searching for zip/RAR and docx files in a single mail that means you are aware you have received both types of files.

Type: {ext: zip docx} or {ext: rar docx} in the search box.

Now you will find the list of emails containing both zip/rar + docx files. how-to-find-lost-attachments-in-outlook-768x270 3

How to find mail with the attachment of at least one file from all types of files.

My colleague sent me a file with an extension that I could not open. Not even double clicking on it worked and it eventually disappeared from my desktop.

In that case, I have to use both the file type (OR function)

Type: {ext: pdf or docx} in the search box.

How outlook Search for the sender along with specific file type attachment

We are all familiar with the “From:” field in our email, where the sender’s name is shown. This makes finding the specific emails of the sender who sent them easier. How Outlook Search Attachment Type If you don’t have a way to search through your emails by sender, you can do so by searching file names:

Listing all of the emails associated with a sender is very easy, you can start typing out their name and it will pop up or you can type the whole thing in this bar.

Now along with that Type input [from: <name of sender> ext: <extension>] Quick-Tips-to-Search-for-Email-Attachments-with-Specific-File-Types-in-Outlook-768x285 4

Typing from the address bar and directly addressing the emails in your inbox – a new search engine which does not change things around will give you your perfect result.

Outlook for Windows offers numerous ways to find emails that contain attachments or other items typically found in your email account.

If you know the exact way you wish to do a search, chances are Outlook has an option that will allow you to most efficiently satisfy any goal you may have as far as searching for such information goes.