How To Find & View Flagged Emails In Outlook

How To Find & View Flagged Emails In Outlook is meant for the purpose of having an email stand out or appear more noticeable or grab greater attention.

This red flag-themed marking mechanism is also ideal for marking some emails in your inbox as a kind of To-do list item and as a way to let a certain message know that you will be getting back to them soon.

Finding emails that have been flagged or otherwise marked as important can be a challenging task. Flags are only available when using the Outlook desktop app and not Microsoft Office 365 webmail. This is an often requested feature for webmail users but it does not yet exist.

What does it mean to flag an email?

Flagging an email means marking an email message which reminds you to follow up or take action later on. Once you mark the email with the red flag, it will appear in the To-Do Bar, like tasks, in Tasks and in the Daily Task List in Calendar.

How To Flag Outlook Email For Follow Up?

Flags make it considerably easier to track emails in Outlook. If you highlight an email that has been sent to your inbox and you put a flag on it, it will appear in the Flag group with other flagged messages.

Here is the step by step process:

Open Microsoft Outlook >> Select your folder
Click on Home Tab >> Go to the Tag section
Click Flag logo follow-up.

Flag logo follow up

You can choose a flag that you think would best represent how long you will need to revisit this task (Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, No Date, Custom).

The reason we think this is the most intuitive way to do this is that it’s literally asking for your time plan and then helping you assign each actionable item to its appropriate time slot in your schedule.

How to see flagged emails in Outlook?

In outlook, most email clients have features that allow you to effectively organize incoming emails easily. Some of these features include the use of flags and folders. Here are a few tips on how one can comparatively select outlook flag emails.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook >> Select the folder you like to search flagged email within.
  • Go to the search bar and click on it >> Serch Tab appears with multiple options to help users to search for the specific nature of emails.
  • Click on Flagged which results in emails shorted with flagged only.


Another option is to type “[followupflag: followup flag]“ in the Instant Search box, and all your flagged email message results are shorted.

 Instant Search

How To View Flagged Emails in Outlook By Search Folder?

An alternative way to keep track of your flagged email messages is by utilizing search folders. This method will copy all flagged messages into a separate search folder, which can then be worked with according to your needs.

Here is the step to execute:

  • Click on Folder >> New Search Folder

New Search Folder

  • A New Search Folder dialogue box appears, click on Mail flagged for follow up option, and Hit OK.

Mail flagged for follow up

You can see a ‘New Folder’ your username is created in the navigation bar, just below the ‘search folder.’ Inside this folder, you will only see Outlook flagged emails.

 For Follow Up is

Microsoft Outlook has a calendar that allows the user to keep track of upcoming events just as reminders about emails or tasks. Additionally, the Outlook calendar contains topics for red flags in emails. For example, one can input a reminder about taxes due within a month or the date of his or her wedding anniversary.

Use Instant Search

Instant Search can be used to quickly find items flagged for follow-up across all mail folders in the currently selected folder.

On the Home tab, in the Find group, click Filter E-mail, and then click Flagged.

In this case, sentences were kept the same. But by rearranging them in a different order, new meaning is added to the content and it becomes easier to interpret and understand.

Flag the email for follow-up by clicking Follow up >> Tomorrow, while composing an email. Flag the mail for follow-up on a specific date by choosing to Follow up and specifying it in the dialogue box.


Once you select the flag colour based on your preference, the information bar displays the option:

Your inbox will not get any specific messages, but your sent box indicates the same message with a flag, which is also added to your taskbar (To-do list) in Microsoft Outlook. You’d be reminded to follow up by yourself when mailing an employee or colleague.

When using Outlook for your email service provider, it can sometimes be challenging to flag messages quickly. For example, you may have to remember how many of the currently open message windows need to be flagged.

This can become quite overwhelming especially when you’re dealing with a large volume of emails. Some email services like Gmail provide better flagging options than Outlook itself does making it easier for users to organize their messages into separate categories.