How To Find Old Emails in Outlook 365?

Within your Outlook 365 Inbox, you can click the ‘All Items’ label, and then click a different category like ‘Today’ or ‘Yesterday’.

You can also search for emails. If you’re using Outlook 2016, click to add a star near an email to mark it as unread. To remove the star again, right-click on that email message and select ‘Mark as Read’.

Outlook email arrangement is very clear, one-month older emails get automatically stored in their own section. How can you find those old emails? email-arranged-outlook 1

Searching an email with specific criteria, like date, name of a person, specific subject character, special content, or email address are really magic. Microsoft Outlook introduces a simple method to find out and group old email messages

How to find old emails in outlook app – Step by step guide

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Searching for professionals, you can create a group of friends you have on your contacts list – here is the tutorial:

  • Lunch Outlook >> Select your inbox or the required folder.
  • Go to Folder Tab >> Select “New Search Folder”. New-serch-folder-300x138 2

Under this step, you are going to be prompted to create a filter in Outlook that delivers the emails that require your attention.

  • Click New Search Folder – It consists of few categories such as (Reading mails, Mail from people and list, Organized mail, and Custom)which can to shorted out and gathered in a specific folder.
  • Then Click Old mail-in “Organized mail section”. Organized-mail-section 3
  • Click on Choose, Select the category (days, weeks, months) and further select the numeric value. You can select any time period and also in case you have multiple accounts in your outlook, then you can select that specific email account.
  • Then simply hit “OK” and “OK” again.
  • Your folder is created and added into the Navigation Pane having specifically selected period emails. You can check your folder from your selected email address bottom from the left-hand side of your screen. How-to-find-old-emails-in-outlook-app 4

There are a few files management options that can be processed by clicking the right mouse button over a folder. Also there is no edit option though, not to worry you can simply delete a folder and then create it again as needed. search-folder-options 5

There are several ways to get your desired results, How To Find Old Emails in Outlook but one way that’s particularly useful for getting old emails is by creating a rule.