How To Find Unread Emails In Outlook

How To Find Unread Emails In Outlook allows you to manage your emails, organize your emails, share files, and so much more.

But some things won’t be clear from the start and one of these is that it’s not possible to find unread emails (unless they are flagged). To flag an email in Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps:

The most rewarding part of Microsoft Outlook is using the feature that allows us to “filter” through our contacts and find what we’re looking for, such as locating all of those professional contacts who work in the finance industry.

This article is going to walk you through how users can view unread emails in Outlook. In the past, I’ve used the Gmail account, but it was extremely frustrating trying to find an email that was sent two years ago. Through this article, you’ll learn about the option of retrieving unanswered emails in Outlook.

How to sort unread emails in Outlook

You can view unread or new messages in Outlook by changing the Primary View. You can spot mail you haven’t yet opened in two ways.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click to home Tab >> Go to Find group >> Type “unread” and click the little magnifying glass on the bottom right-hand corner.

Click unread

  • Step 2 –  Without adding any folders, you could use a simple query to find messages that have been read and have not been read.
  • Step 3 – Click Unread, you will get the list of unread messages.

While selecting an unread option, you may notice the text “instead: No” automatically appears in the search bar.

You can use a third-party add-in called AutoArchive Mailbox Cleanup to automatically delete messages from your Inbox and other mailboxes in Outlook.

In addition, the search bar allows you to find a message from another folder or category of email. The code [isread: no] comes from other folders, see the example below.


Folder for unread emails in Outlook

You can quickly create a separate folder in Outlook, where you leave all your unread emails. And then you can start reading them one by one. This sorting method is better than creating rules for permanently deleting messages and folders, which is tedious and time-consuming.

  • To create a new search folder, click the New Search Folder icon located on the top right of your main Gmail inbox.

New Serch Folder

  • There are several ways to find messages in Outlook. You enter a search word and then click one of the options below that:

unread mail

  • Click OK, now you can choose between viewing unread e-mails only in a folder called Unread Mail or looking at all mail in your inbox – it’s completely up to you.

Unread mail appears

In this folder, you can always view only messages that have not been read. After reading the message automatically wipe it out from the folder.

How to arrange unread emails in Outlook?

It was very hard to tell whether any of the players on my list had been filtered out. I wanted to see this before I talked to anybody just in case they would turn out not to be a good fit.

You can sort your email messages in different ways. You can sort them according to date, subject, type, attachment, size and form/to name just to name a few.

  • Click the View tab and you will get all the options click and get your results accordingly

 results accordingly.

How To Sort Emails By Unread Then Date In Outlook?

In Microsoft Outlook, emails are automatically sorted by received date and you can’t always see the most recent email at the top of your list. Sometimes it would be useful to be able to sort your emails in two ways: by received date and by unread status.

Yes we want to display information in the Calendar view, and we are using a colour code, but it’s not very clear. We need to work on an improved visual approach for when people click on the calendar.

In the Finder window on your computer’s desktop, you can choose to sort by date. Date sorting can be applied so that it sorts oldest to newest, newest to oldest, or alphabetically by name.

For example, if we enter (read: no received: admit) in the search bar, we’ll receive all results of emails unread by Amit. Likewise, if we enter (read: no received: Amit), we’ll see all results of mails with “Amit” in the From line.

How to filter only unread emails in Outlook?

Finding unread emails can be simple if you know the right parameters to search. Outlook also makes it easier to find multiple parameters of a message so you don’t have to go hunting for that specific option constantly.

This process dries up unwanted emails from sources that are not of much value and targets what you really want by searching through keywords.

Let’s begin with~

How to check unread emails from a specific sender?

Some users get around five hundred emails on an average day. This includes personal and business messages, which means that it’s hard for them to keep track of everything that is being sent their way.

If you are a subscriber to a specific sender and cannot access their emails, this is an email index service where you can find everything.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click on instead search bar >> Go to the search tab above
  • Step 2 – Go to Refine section >> Click unread – You will get the list of unread emails and a text on the search bar “instead: no”
  • Step 3 – Now click on “from” from the refine section, you will get an additional text on the search bar along with “is read: no”, which is [isread: no from:” Sender Name”].
  • Step 4 – Replace Sender’s Name with the name or email id of the sender to get the results.


How to check unread emails from a sender having a specific subject?

Here we will teach you a new way of searching on Blinklist where if you still have trouble finding content, it’s in the search keywords used.

Switch to the mail compose screen. Now search for “Keyword” in the search field. Notice the search text below it which is the Subject line of the mail you need to reply to (if available in your mailbox).

subject line

The above image illustrates how most emails received from WordPress may be unintelligible and will lead you to lose productivity.

The Outlook app makes it easy to find what you’re looking for by displaying only the information that most interests you. This is really helpful when your Inbox contains many unread messages and you would like to narrow down your search to see specific emails only.

How to change the unread email colour in Outlook 365?

If you receive email messages and there are certain ones that have not been read, it can be important to know if you need to respond or take action on them. One way to determine a person’s unread emails visually is by making them appear in different font colours.

The repeating pattern of red and blue makes this image feel like part of a marketing campaign. When combined with the tagline, it suggests that the product helps increase productivity,

improve overall communication and work better together as a team. Personality and branding are immediately evident here in this creative collection.

Let’s understand the step by step process:

Open Outlook >> Go to your inbox >> Click View Tab >> Then hit view setting

view setting

Advanced view settings dialogue box appears >> click conditional formatting.

 conditional formatting.

  • Conditional formatting in the Gmail inbox permits the writer to make certain messages pop up in bold or another colour such as red. It’s easy to do! You just have to have a few steps taken followed below.
  • Select Checkbox of unread messages and hit font.

 unread messages.

  • Font dialogue popups, adjust font, style, size and colour select from the drop-down list of choices. Select colour as per the user’s choice.
  • Check the preview on the sample box [refer: snapshot]

Check the preview on the sample box [refer: snapshot]

  • With the double-octave kicked in, Hit OK three times and the result is clear. You can see the red duplicate of your message in different shades (Clicking unread will prefer “Read”, so it does not only turn a new message into a ‘read’ message. But also change its colour to read.)

 message but also change

Bonus Tip

Find unread mail from a specific folder, Click onto the left-hand side of the search bar, then click Unread on the dropdown menu. Microsoft Outlook will then reveal all your unread messages.

unread email

How to make read mail unread in Outlook?

Every time you received an email message in your inbox, it holds a new mail character, after opening it changes into reading mode, and the characteristics/visibility also changes. It feels like contacting a virtual person for each message [collapse]

Some users what to mark real mail as unread, Why?

The system can give you multiple reasons, depending on the user. The customer can be at a loss without it. Follow the guide to get it now.

There are two methods: First

Click the right mouse button on the read email message. When you do that, a panel will pop out and you need to select “Mark as unread” from the panel.

You can also select “Mark all as unread” by utilizing the drop-down menu in this popup window. Once you do that, all your selected messages will be marked as unread in your inbox folder.

Mark as unread

Final Words

In conclusion, there is a range of features in the email client software that can help you stay on top of things both within your own inbox as well as with respect to tracking any attachments or links contained in an email.

Nowadays, we are all glued to these electronic devices that supposedly help us make our work more efficient and effective. But if you ask me, I think it’s the other way around. What do you think?