How To Attach Email in Outlook? & Send Email As Attachment

How To Attach Email in Outlook? & Send Email As Attachment who uses email has run into at one point or another taking existing Outlook emails and turning them into attachments.

Typically in general practice, you can attach external files (like Excel, Word, PDF, etc) to an email as long as there are no security settings. However, Outlook does not allow you to attach a piece of already sent mail.

It’s very easy to lose one’s focus when there are too many things requiring our attention. For example, it’s like packing several gifts in boxes and then needing to pack those boxes back into another box.

Not only does this tax our focus, but also is a bad use of time because who wants to unpack and repack everything just so they can give their friend a gift?

Case study:- I was working on a project to provide power to the public using clean energy sources. As one of the corporate Project Coordinators, it was my job to see that the companies working on their end met their targets and were following corporate regulations that they were asked to adhere to.

When it comes to tracking progress, Microsoft Excel has always been the tool of choice for many product managers. However, with all of the recent innovations in this field, things have come a long way in terms of project management software.

Now, one day I received an anticipated call to forward all of my progress from the last few days, as we may have a review meeting sometime soon.

Instead of signing up for every new application, I managed to slim down my list and managed to route the daily flow of information in other already existing applications (Mail, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) that would handle the stream just fine as is.

I realized that it takes a few moments for me to make a list of the things I need to complete, but overall it saves my time from sorting through all my emails. My bosses have also been impressed.

In this article, I’ll show you step by step how to attach an email to another email in Outlook.

How to forward messages as attachments in Outlook?

An email becomes an attachment when the message is converted into a file. The common practice for hosting email archives sent between colleagues and friends is attachments since it helps to save the messages and access them at any time.

There are two simple ways Outlook Forward Email as an Attachment

How to attach an email as an attachment?

Here are a few steps to attach email to email.

  • Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click Home Tab >> New Mail

Click Home Tab

  • Step 2 –Select your preferred template. You can either use the default template that comes pre-installed with the system or you can create a custom one by clicking on “Create Document” from your account drop-down menu.

Outlook items

attach item

  • Step 3 –Insert Item is a separate dialogue box that consists of the ‘Look In’ section, which reveals all your Email ids and provides options for selecting one. Clicking the ID reveals a list of subsections to choose from, such as Inbox; Sent Mail; Spam; Calendar etc).


After selection, the list of emails or tasks comes down, all you have to do is to select the email or task manager (in case of the calendar), you want to attach with your email.

Press and hold the Ctrl key with any number of attachments in order to forward multiple emails as attachments with a single mail.

  • Step 4 – Now its time to select (text only or attachment),

IF YOU SELECT ATTACHMENT–The corresponding mail messages are attached to your mail in the form of an attachment. Double-clicking on the attachment will open a separate message window for you to read.

how to attach an email to another email

IF YOU SELECT TEXT ONLY –That attached email is making your existing message text impossible to read. Nobody should have to unnecessarily strain their eyes on our website – and we’re so sorry you’ve experienced this problem.

  • Step 5 – Click the Send Button the receiver will get the attached email to the email.

how to attach

How to forward an email message as an attachment in Outlook?

In the above example, you have learned how to share multiple attachments with a single email message. You can also attach an attachment from one email and forward it as a separate email attachment easily.

  • If you click on a picture, the message automatically opens up in your email. If you want to send more pictures, press and hold Ctrl and select another picture. Click open and you are good to go.
  • Click Home Tab >> reach respond section >> forward as attachment.

forward as attachment

In Case there are attachments in the mail, we want that before sending a mail you should check them if they are of any pdf or zip format and then remove the attachment. Here an online tool is available for removing attachments from Gmail without downloading.

when you will submit with your email address then automatically tool goes for checking at Gmail account and automatically attach folder is created which has all attachments due to which it’s a little difficult to find a particular attachment from the google drive folder but selecting the drive icon the files can be sorted clearly according to after of name with extension.

Quick Drag and Drop Option

One of the quickest ways to really become a master when it comes to printing a business card is by doing it by hand. Pieces can be printed on the computer and moved around on blank cardstock until they form the initial design you have in mind, then those pieces are cut out and pasted together.

To start out, you’ll need to open up your outlook. Find the email or email chain in which you are expected to reply, reply or forward. Your specific email is shown on the right-hand side of your outlook screen.

Click any one (reply, reply all or forward) according to your requirement.

reply all or forward

Now what you have to do is select which email campaign you like to send from your server as an attachment.

 email or emails you like to send

When you enter the draft section, you will see the specific email that you have typed in. It has the option of attaching just like before. You can scroll down the page to reference older sent emails.

This is so much better than before because it gets straight to what I need and how I can use each feature

forward email as attachment

In order to send email attachments in Outlook, all you need to do is click the “Send” button on the toolbar. This will initiate an email message and attach the selected file(s).

How Outlook Automatically Forward Emails as Attachments

We’ve all seen an email go viral, where an email gets sent around to many people. If someone who’s not you sends you a forwarded message as it appears in their inbox, a link to the original message by default is always available (which is natural).

Work with someone because it’s not about what you know but who you know and how well that applies to what your goals are.

Now here is the deal:

Can you set all forwarded emails to be sent as attachments? The answer is YES


You have to change the default setting of MS Outlook.

  • Go To File >> Options >> Mail


  • If you want to change the From field of any message, there are a number of ways to do this. One can.
  • Click OK

How To Remove Forward Emails As Attachments In Outlook?

To close this post up, I’m going to provide you with a few tips to give you some direction on what we feel is necessary to maintain a high rate of productivity as an entrepreneur.

  • Click File >> Options >>Mail
  • Select (include original message text) in both Replying and forwarding sections.
  • Click OK.

Final Words:

This article covers all the steps you will need to accomplish while trying to figure out how to attach an email to another email. Let us know your favourite idea by either writing it down or sharing it with others so that we can say whether this recipe is tasty in your work.