How To Import Contacts from Excel to Outlook & Outlook.Com

Microsoft Outlook has a great feature that allows you to add your contacts and share information with them. To do this, you can store contact names, company names and job titles as well as email addresses and phone numbers.

How to create a new email contact in outlook?

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Filling out contact fields will send you back to that form full of all the information you need. new-contact-form-outlook 1

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Open Outlook >> Click New items (shortcut key Alt + H I C) >> Contacts. create-new-contact-in-outlook 2

Step 2 – Contact Form appears, now it’s time to fill in the details and finally Click Save and Close.

Your contacts are saved in Microsoft Outlook, but let’s face it – individually adding details makes it a bit dull. So let’s think about one more way to import outlook contacts.

How your Excel spreadsheet of contacts can be added in a few steps?

Businesses often export contacts from their email inboxes to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets so they can take advantage of all its features such as a bar-code scanner, product inventory manager and contact manager.

Here are a few simple steps to import contacts to outlook from excel.

Step 1 – Create an Excel-based spreadsheet. You can easily create this by just copying the template we have provided below, and then customizing it with your own information. excel-table-of-contents 3

Step 2 – Save your sheet as a .csv file. In the File Type drop-down menu, choose “Comma-Separated values (*.csv).” Then click “Save.”

  • Click the File tab and select the Save As
  • Select the location you need to save your file.
  • You will see the Save As dialog box. Select the option CSV (Comma delimited) from the drop-down list and Hit Save. list-of-file-type 4

How to import CSV into outlook?

Now that you have your (.csv) file ready to import, please do so using Microsoft Outlook.

Step 3 – Click File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export How-to-import-contacts-in-Outlook-from-Excel 5

Step 4 – Under Import From, select ‘Import from another program or file (Advanced)’ and press Next. Import-from-another-program-or-file 6

Step 5 – Select Comma Separated Values and click ‘Next’. Remember that you chose to save the .csv file in the preferred location of your computer.

Step 6 – Now import your file clicking on the browse button, and select your file. how-to-create-contact-list-in-outlook-from-email 7

There are three options you have to choose from one Click Next.

  • Replace duplicate contacts with items imported.
  • Allow duplicates to be created.
  • Do not import duplicate items.

Step 7 – Another dialog box popped up that asked me to choose whether I wanted to import all of the email contacts from my file or just a selection of them. create-an-Outlook-folder 8

Step 8 – The Next Step is a very interesting and game changing Strategy, the Key Answer, so to speak of: ‘How to Import Contacts in Outlook from Excel’. Basically, this step fetches your contacts into an Outlook format. Import-a-file 9

Step 9 – Click to the attachment above and Click Map custom field.

Step 10 – Map Custom Fields dialog box appears, follow the below steps:

.csv is widely used by programmers because of it easy to use and safer with data goes. So, when you want to save your file with .CSV, you should check the image above this post to make sure whether its format is correct or not.

Another way is to – go on outlook and click contacts. This should show you multiple options to fetch the data you need.

Import Contacts on

Recently, I had to configure my Gmail account with Outlook. It is vital for me to have the option of accessing my contacts either by using the People icon or asking both accounts to speak to one another through IMAP protocol.

Unfortunately, How To Import Contacts from Excel to Outlook the IMAP protocol option was disabled on my Gmail account and instead I had to import all of my contacts into Outlook Web.

I have a CSV file that I need to import into Outlook. What you’ve suggested are tools within Outlook, so my experience in using them will most likely be best suited with regards to importing this CSV onto my computer through Microsoft’s popular email application.

When you are importing contacts on, you require some extra files which will help to import the contact in

  • Open Outlook Web >> and click the People icon from left-hand upper portion of the screen.
  • Click Import Contact (com is web-based platform which on the interval update the design, sometimes you need to find the import contact options). import-contacts 10
  • Click on Browse and upload your CSV file. upload-your-CSV-File-768x406 11
  • Find the CSV location from your contacts file, and once selected a new window titled “CSV Import” will open up and you will see an option to “Import Contacts.” Once selected, another pop-up window titled “Contacts Import Page” will appear with a list of fields to fill. Importing-Outlook-contacts 12
  • Your contacts are uploaded and imported to your email account.
  • Finally, you can check out new contacts are added to the list. Contacts-added-in-Outlook-web-768x764 13

A great benefit of Web Import is that it’ll map the contact fields for you.

Email addresses can be imported into Outlook in a way that helps boost your productivity as it allows you to contact old contacts or receive work-related messages in a reliable fashion.