How To Indent In Outlook Email? – While Forwarding And Replying

How To Indent In Outlook Email? when replying or forwarding email in Microsoft Outlook, if you manually want to add indent spaces before the original message content that is automatically preserved from the old reply or forwarded message, it is not presently possible.

Outlook allows users to create customized preferences that will automatically apply during their email sessions.

What is Indent in Outlook Email?

What is the use of indent in Outlook? Indent lets you view emails from a different email account clearly in the inbox. It separates them in such a way that original emails are listed on top and replies or forwarded ones below that.

To indent a paragraph, move the cursor to the front of the line and press the Tab on your keyboard.

How to Add Or Remove Indent From Messages In Outlook?

By default, when you forward or reply to an email your default options will be “Including original message text”. You can change this setting to ” Include and indent original message text”.

Here are the steps to execute:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Click File tab from the top left-hand corner of the screen >> Options that opens Outlook Options dialog box.
  • Select Mail from the left-hand bar of the screen.
  • From the Right-hand bar, Go to the Replies and forward option, Select the Include and indent original message text option from the When replying to a message drop-down list Include-and-indent-original-message-text 1

There are a few other methods for managing the email messages in Outlook: Delete, move to folder, mark as read/unread etc.

  1. Do not include the original message.
  2. Attach original message.
  3. Include original message text (which is the default)
  4. Prefix each line of the original message.
  • Finally, Click Ok to complete.

From now on, when replying to Outlook messages, the original message will be indented automatically.

You will observe a slight shift in the trailing mail. Add-Or-Remove-Indent-From-Replying-Messages-In-Outlook 2

This is a permanent solution and you don’t need to indent previous emails when replying or forwarding them individually.

How to Add Or Remove Indent Manually for one Message In Outlook?

Most of the time when you need to indent an email, you can always make manual changes.

Click the reply button at the top of your email, Use the mouse to click on the email you want to reply to, Type alt + A (the trick will work using any combination of upper- or lower-case letters as well as numbers in this format) and then hit Ctrl + Shift + End.

Then type Format Text >> Increase Indent (or Decrease Indent – if that’s what you need!) and then click on the ‘Correct’ button. Format-Text 3


Apart from this, you can add an indent to your paragraphs’ first line to mark where a new message begins.

Indenting helps people read more easily and spot changes from the original message in a conversation view. It makes it easier to scan the email when it is more visible than any text which follows it.