How To Keep Microsoft Outlook Running in The Background? – Guide

How can Outlook be prevented from double-closing when opened? The answer has been given, but additional information would be great.

Have you ever found yourself venturing into a new project but then being distracted by something else that turns out to be pointless? If so, this question might be for you.

“I run Outlook on my laptop, How To Keep Microsoft Outlook Running in The Background but the program doesn’t close after I’m finished using it.”

The cross button is located on the top right of every file or document in File Explorer meaning that it closes the file and Microsoft Outlook also uses this same function when clicking the close button in the Outlook window, Outlook will be closed completely.

Putting your phone on mute means you will continue communicating with people but you won’t get notified by incoming emails.

Having an inbox that is empty might feel nice for a few moments but when it comes down to how you like your flow, having Outlook run in the background can ensure that you are receiving an endless stream of emails instead of just one after the other.

How to keep Outlook active?

Outlook minimize to the system tray? How To Keep Microsoft Outlook Running in The Background Learn how to stop Outlook from minimizing to your Windows taskbar so you can get the most out of Outlook.

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Open the Notification center of your Mac/PC’s operating system. Select “Mail” and enable the checkbox ‘Keep in front”. This will ensure that outlook is active when minimized. outlook-minimize-to-tray 1

How to Restore Outlook After It Has Been Minimized to the System Tray?

After clicking, the computer reflected the message. “You have selected Hide when minimized. When minimized, this icon restores the window.”How-to-keep-outlook-active 2

To get back to the previous position, go ahead and click on the right button, and check Hide When Minimized.