How To Mark All Emails as Read in Outlook? – Use Custom Search Folder

In the preview article, you were exposed to some really incredible methods. You learned how to deal with unread emails, how to use conditional formatting in Outlook, and what steps to take when sorting your inbox.

After reviewing all of your unread emails, if you want to mark them as read messages in Outlook, you can use the following steps.

In this article, you will learn “How to mark all messages as read in Outlook““.

Every Outlook user (including me) observes parentheses next to the Outlook folder (Inbox, Draft, Outbox), that indicate something is pending, depending upon the nature of the folder.

  • Inbox folder reveals the number of unread messages.
  • Outbox folder reveals the number of emails, waiting to deliver.
  • The draft folder reveals the number of emails under preparation. parentheses 1

the simplest means of marking all the mails in a folder as read is to press CTRL+A on the folder see the list and choose Mark all as Read. mark-all-unread-mail-as-read 2

Mark All Emails as Read in Outlook Using Custom Search Folder?

As an inbox user, you can tag and un-tag all emails of a specific sender without going through each email folder separately. It’s done in one attempt, thereby saving you a lot of time.

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A custom search folder enables you to group together emails that are related and filter them by date or read/unread status. This is useful for keeping an eye on specific inquiries, subscriptions, orders etc.

Let’s understand step by step process:

  • Open Outlook application on your computer.
  • Find Search Folder from the navigation section, which is located on the button of all folders.
  • Click on the search folder >> New search folder new-search-folder 3
  • If you want to stop getting mail from a certain email address in outlook you can do so by selecting unread mail from the reading mail box, selecting the email address and clicking ok. unread-mail 4
  • To create an unread folder, click to select a number of messages and choose this option from the main menu. Any emails selected will be moved into a brand-new folder. Read-In-Outlook-Using-Custom-Search-Folder-256x300 5
  • Right-click the Unread folder and click Mark All as Read. Mark-All-as-Read 6

This step marks all folders with unread email into Read, which then removes parentheses of all folders except the Deleted items folder. Finally, you can delete the folder permanently if it is not required by clicking on the right mouse button.

Few Direct Shortcut Methods to Mark All Emails as Read in Outlook

When using this method, you can easily right click on the folder and choose to mark all emails read. In case you would like to take a moment to take a look through your emails before marking all read, simply click on the folder and the list of messages (read or not yet read) will appear.

There are two methods:

First, click on “Unread” just above the headers of emails, list of unread email filtered, click “Ctrl + A“, all unread email selected, now click right mouse button and click (Mark as Read). Direct-Shortcut-Methods 7

Secondly, there are few sorting options – like date, sender, or size. The outcome is a list of select emails we can repeat the scan process as each attachment was in JPG format. We clicked Ctrl + A to select all unread emails and then right-clicked so we could mark them as read.

Mark All Emails as Read Quick Access Toolbar

The majority of users require the “mark all emails read” icon in the quick access toolbar as a shortcut. By default, the short cut is not in QCT.

Step by step method to get the short cut icon in Quick Access Toolbar:

  • Open Outlook >> Click File Tab >> Hit Options from the left portion of the screen.
  • Click “Quick Access Toolbar” from the general options on the life side >> Select “All commands” from the dropdown list of choose command.
  • Select “Mark all as Read” from the drop-down list. (It’s an alphabetic list, easy to find).
  • Click Add, “Mark all as Read “, which added to Customized Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Finally, Click Ok.Mark-All-Emails-As-Read-Quick-Access-Toolbar 8

You can check the “Mark all as Read” icon on the top left-hand corner of your screen.

You can access the function via the “Alt+3” key. The number in this case stands for the first or second position on the row of keys, and may be different from computer to computer depending on what software has been installed or which shortcuts have been set up by the user.

Pressing just “Alt” will display overlays for all hotkeys until you press another key. Mark-all-as-Read-shortcut-key 9

Click and Mark as read instantly

Outlook doesn’t always mark as read unless you go to another message or select “Mark All Read.” So if you are only reading one message, sometimes you have to manually mark it as read.

Outlook is a great email client and ideal for business owners. One useful feature of Microsoft Outlook is what is called the ‘Mark as Read’ function, allowing users to keep track of emails as they are interacted with.

  • Lunch Outlook >> Click File >> Options >> Outlook options dialog Box pops up.
  • Click Mail from the left side options of the screen >> Click Reading Pane.Reading-pane-Outlook 10
  • Reading Pane Dialog Box appears, which consists of few defaults’ active options, those outcomes, we all are familiar with. There is one option unchecked “Mark items as read when viewed in the reading pane “. It also has an empty checkbox beside it that reads “Only include unread items in the list.”

Checkbox Select the option to “Always check for new messages at startup”. This is an optional feature which will automatically activate Outlook upon startup.

However, if you do not select the option, or you have disabled the automatic activation of Outlook on startup, this will not occur automatically unless you enable it after starting up your computer.

Note that the ‘Mark item as read when selection changes’ box is automatically unchecked when you check the ‘Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane’ box.

  • ‘Mark item as read when selection changes’ – You have to manually change the selection of unread email message and the email convert to read.
  • ‘Mark items as read when viewed in the Reading Pane ‘– In this option you need not change the email manually to turn read, it will automatically turn into reading in the prescribed time mentioned in the option. Mark-item-as-read-when-selection-changes 11

Working with default features in Outlook like Mark as Unread or Mark As Read, makes it easy to quickly sort through your emails.

These options can be found under the Actions menu of an inbox message. In this article, we’ll explore how these actions work.