How To Organize Emails with Color Categories in Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is nearly as useful as a conveyor belt at a warehouse. This program often times lets the user control his email flow with ease, which comes in handy when he or she is working on moving messages to different folders.

If you really encounter hundreds of emails daily, try this. Outlook is good at helping you with that feature.

In this article, you’ll learn how categorizing your emails by color in Outlook can help you quickly scan through your messages to find the most important ones.

There are variations actions available in MS Outlook currently in 2019,

  • How your categories your email with color.
  • How to Separate them (there are multiple methods).
  • Categories With a Search Folder
  • Automatic impose color category on the arrival of the specific email messages.
  • Keep color categories and transfer the mail in folder (using rule) function.

Users are often frustrated because the color categories in their version of Outlook aren’t showing up for other people.

The truth is the colors are still there; it’s just that the IMAP protocol does not support those particular attributes of messages and so neither flags nor category colors are synced back to the IMAP server.

If you do use categories, or especially if you need to see flags on anything, you’re going to need to use a POP3 account instead or locally save your emails in a .pst file instead [source – slip stick]

Add Color Category Email In Your Inbox

Get multiple emails from different people, departments? Next time you can pin-out a specific email with color-coding. Traceable! Follow the step-by-step guide:

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  • Open Outlook >> Click Home Tab
  • Select your specific email (or you can also select multiple emails using Ctrl key in a keyboard with the mouse).
  • Go to the category in the tag section, (there are few color options by default), you can select the color/s.
  • Your email is marked with the color/s category. outlook-color-categories 1

How To Group Emails in Outlook by Specified Color Categories?

There are quite a few ways to filter or separate specific color categories messages from your email inbox. We’ll start with the Search Folder method.

Search Folder

Search Folder allows people to sort their inbox into color-coded categories and thus filter out emails as they come into your inbox.

Walk me through the steps:

Select the folder tab under navigation pane >> Click to new search folder [for grouping email messages by color outlook. categories]. This will take you to the same location: Select Search Folder and here choose what kind of search filter you want for your new search folder select “refer snapshot” below it. outlook-conditional-formatting-300x156 2

New Search Folder dialog box popup, please select the desired category from a drop-down menu, multiple options are available. In this scenario you must select Categories for Searching Mail from the drop-down menu. how-to-organize-emails-with-color-categories-in-outlook 3

  • The third step is to select the category by clicking choose and click OK. outlook-2013-categories 4
  • Name your category, and finally completed the process by clicking OK.

Rule Function

If you can’t find any solution to your problem or a way of getting things done, Rule Function is the master key that will help you out.

This part automatically creates color-themed Outlook folders for the emails you receive by using rules based on their subjects and senders’ email addresses.

How To Organize Emails with Color Categories in Outlook For example, suppose that you can categorize your customers’ emails based on their industries or the keywords they use in their subject lines.

When you create those rules, Outlook will automatically put your customer emails in the appropriate folder when they arrive.

Similarly, if lots of people are writing to a group email account and sending emails with similar subject lines, you can create rules which Outlook will follow every time an email arrives with a matching subject line, as long as its sender address also matches a subset of permitted senders.

For example: Let’s say you’ve decided to color code your email categories for emails from your boss or any member of your execution team. Here’s how it would work:

How to add color Categories to Outlook messages using Quick Click

A quick click function can be very useful for those who often set color categories to their messages. It helps to set color tags along with shortcut keys.

In the previous section, we discussed how to create shortcuts. Make sure you’re ready to use them because it’s time to put that keyboard shortcut we talked about earlier into practice.

Think of a scenario where you can benefit from this feature. Let’s say that you want save time by coloring emails directly from your inbox. ​

How To Delete All Categories in Outlook?

Sometimes an unassigned category is a blessing. One color can fit many different things and it’s nice to not have to assign a label to each individual instance that exhibits that particular trait.

How To Clear All Categories?

  • Open Outlook >> Select the specific folder >> Click Ctrl + A to select all the messages in the folder.
  • Click the right button from your mouse >> select Categorize >> Clear All Categories.
  • All your color categories removed by outlook with a single click. How-to-delete-all-categories-in-outlook 5

How To Sort Email by Category?

By default, Microsoft Outlook arranges emails by the date they have been received. How To Organize Emails with Color Categories in Outlook To sort emails according to color, click in the header of the email subject and choose a category for your documentation. How-To-Sort-Email-By-Category 6

Emails can be arranged in groups or folders according to their specific criteria and you’ll see the emails grouped accordingly in color.