How To Pin Outlook To Taskbar? – Explanation Guide

Microsoft wants to keep things simple and easy – they decided not to pin an email onto the taskbar in outlook. This means you’ll have to open up more time on your desktop for every single email you receive.

A desktop or laptop computer is equipped with various software, some of which are regularly used, while others may be left inactive.

Instead of opening a program from the Start screen or searching for it under All Programs, one simply clicks on an icon and the desired program automatically opens up.

The desktop in Windows is customizable, but one thing that’s always there no matter what is your taskbar. It sits at the bottom of your screen, giving you a convenient way to access programs and files you frequently use.

How To Pin Outlook To Taskbar Windows 10?

By default, some of the programs like Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer are already available in Windows 10. In case you like to add any other program (for instance Outlook View), a software company can create a more specialized version that is designated specifically for use within Windows 10 itself.

As an example, the latest version of Microsoft Outlook may become fully compatible with the taskbar on your computer.

Here are these steps that will get you to your goal faster if followed in their order:

  • Click the Start button, window logo on the left-hand bottom corner of the screen.
  • Find out the Outlook application, pin it to the taskbar. How-To-Pin-Outlook-To-Taskbar-Windows-10 1
  • Right-click on Outlook icon >> Click on more >> Click Pin to Taskbar pin-to-taskbar 2
  • That’s it, you will now observe a small icon of outlook appears in the taskbar.

Outlook can also be added to the taskbar by dragging it there. Right-click on the icon you added and select a command from the menu to choose which features you want to access more easily. Drag-and-Drop-Outlook 3

Pinning Outlook to the taskbar of your Windows 10 PC can be quite simple and easy.


In conclusion, pinning the Outlook icon to your computer’s taskbar will simplify and streamline your ability to quickly access your email from the desktop. Additionally, you can utilize the taskbar to pin other frequently used applications to it.