How To Recall Email from Outlook? – Detailed Guide 2022

Outlook’s recall feature allows you to essentially cancel out errors in emails such as sending what looks like a draft letter to someone else.

Recall email outlook rules

When you send out your messages, it’s best to remember that once you’ve sent them, there is no option to withdraw or retract your statements. Make sure all of your instructions are correct and final before you hit ‘send.’

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  • It is mandatory that you and your recipient both have access to an email server account. For example, if you are using a POP3 or IMAP account, your recipient must be using the same type of account otherwise, your attempt will fail to work.
  • Use Outlook as the email client, If the recipient is offline the pull-up process fails.
  • The email must not be opened and read by the recipient.
  • The message was not delivered to Inbox even though it was diverted to some folder by a rule. The message went to some other folder, but the condition of the rule did not allow it to be executed and get sent to Inbox.

How to pull back an email in outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows you to recall an email or replace a message. Here is how step-by-step:

  • Open Outlook >> Go to send
  • Select your mail and double-click the message you want to recall.
  • Go to the Message tab >> select the Actions tab >> click recall this message. How-to-pull-back-an-email-in-outlook 1
  • Recall This Message pop-up dialog box appears. There are two options –

# Delete unread copies of this message

# Delete unread copies and replace them with a new message recall-the-message 2

Someone has sent you an email. You want to recall a message in Outlook confirmation or message recall failure, getting up-to-date information, you can go to the above snapshot.

When you are trying to recall a message in Outlook, you may receive an update that says “Recall Message Not Possible,” as shown in the above image. One must check the box in this image and then continue to recall the original message.

  • Click Ok
  • If you opt for “delete unread copies and replace with a new mail” outlook allows you to edit the mail you already send and click the send button.
  • Wait for some time you will get the confirmation whether Microsoft outlook take back email or not.

Key Reasons Why Outlook Recall May Fails?

In cases when the majority of messages fails while recalling there are times when outlook recall could provide a message that says, “Recall has succeeded”.

  • If you attempt to use the Delete and Replace options on a message, the receiver doesn’t have to open it before the action tries to take place.
  • If the recipient has not opened the original message, and opens the recall message first, the original message is moved to your Deleted Items folder. Outlook informs you that there was an unread message in your receiver’s Inbox when you deleted it.
  • Outlook on your smartphone isn’t going to work, so you’ll need to switch to a full-sized monitor and log in from there instead.

Alternatives to Outlook Recall

Frankly, there is no reversal on sent email. However, there is a feature that you can use which is called Delay Delivery in Microsoft Outlook that will let you do nothing more than delay sending the recipient an email. You can take your time and rule out hitting the send button and having the message delivered right away.

Your message is saved in the outbox until hitting Send. It’s a Delay Send feature.