How To Search Email by Date Outlook? – Detailed Guide

Hunting for information on a hard drive is convenient but when you need to look back several years and have an extensive set of emails, it’s difficult to find something.

There are some great applications out there that could help you out though.

What is a good way to view your inbox by date in Outlook? Click here to learn how to take full advantage of what Outlook has to offer its users.

You can easily move through your emails by using the arrow buttons at the top of each message or by clicking on the date stamps to jump directly to specific messages in your inbox.

Well, you can navigate to the calendar option located below your email list. You can view your emails according to specific days and months.

Outlook’s search filter facility allows you to make a search using not just the Attachment Type, but also by looking for emails sent with a specific word in its subject line, or an email received between two dates and so on. If searching in this way can help reduce your workload when looking for something specific quickly.

In this article, I would like to show you step by step guide on how you can find an email in outlook search between dates and time.

How Outlook search date range

The search option instantly searches out your range of emails across all your emails.

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For instance: You’re a fan of using an email verification service to check which online merchant has genuine reviews. Type [received:25/03/2016..31/03/2016] into the search bar and you will find the results instantly. outlook-search-date-range 1

  • You can input the date format either way (DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY) the result would be the same.
  • Don’t forget to put (..) between dates.
  • Not a single space is allowed while entering your input, which will disturb the comment and the result would be zero.

How to search for email by (date range) with advance find feature?

Outlook’s advanced search feature is the best way to effectively find email within your company! You can search by date, including time and day options, giving you a level of control and accuracy that no other email app on the market has offered until now.

  • Select your Email and the folder (like – Inbox) and click Search Tab >> Search Tools >> Advanced Find Outlook-advanced-search-feature 2
  • Advance find opens up a separate dialog box, there are multiple options and features available for the user. Outlook-Advanced-Find 3
  • Select Advanced

Every feature is important in advanced find

  • First Select what are you looking for –
  • Secondly, you have to select the folder (Inbox, Sent, Trash, Spam), you can select multiple folders at the same time, Click Browse and you have to select the specific folder where you want your filter to works. Select-folder-in-advance-find 4

You can also clear all to reselect your choice.

  • Now after selection, your folder say inbox Click OK
  • Select Field >> Received, Field option gives you tons of options where you want to arrange your search. All-Mail-fields 5

Select your condition. It includes a multiple-choice option but you can only select four conditions to be able to punch in specific dates. Condition-and-value 6

  • Now it’s time to enter the dates in the value area mentioned above in the snapshot, after selecting your condition.
  • Select the between from the drop-down condition.
  • In the Value column, you have to enter the dates in particular format <date> and <date>, both the dates are separated by (AND) for instance – {<01/04/2019> and <30/07/2019>}.
  • Finally, click Add to List. outlook-date-search 7
  • Your Filtered criteria are added to the list, Outlook also allows you to add multiple criteria at the same time and all of them added to the list.
  • Click Find Now.Search-Emails-By-Date 8

If a specified or filled list comes up, you can easily go down and check the list of emails between specific dates.


In conclusion, you can search emails by date and outlook users by date. How To Search Email by Date Outlook With this search option, your Outlook email search becomes very creative.

You can search email by date outlook (by date), date range, date month (date week), date month year, and date quarter year. Your Outlook email search becomes very easy with this search option.

As a direct result, you now know how to search the internet in a straightforward manner.