How To Search Outlook with Multiple Words? – Explanation Guide

How To Search Outlook with Multiple Words, you might have thousands of files in your Outlook account that contain too much information, and you can no longer find the one message you need.

But eventually, your email inbox gets overloaded with so many Word files that it’s difficult to connect them back to their original documents, because they are all buried.

The Search option in Microsoft Outlook is really great especially if you talk about searching for mail on your computer.

Microsoft’s search option has been improved. On the new version, users will be able to find more information in an easier way. Let us imagine that you want to access a specific email or file from your inbox or another folder, use this feature.

Most of the time, users are unable to locate their emails on Microsoft Exchange. The reason behind this may be unknown.

One of the common reasons why user-generated emails cannot be located is because Outlook’s advanced search function isn’t working properly.

Outlook provides many different ways to discover the information you are looking for within the application.

Some search folders need to be set up with just a few clicks before hitting search. Time limits for sent and received emails can be applied as well. It’s a simple setup that is presented to both individual and business users in a clear fashion as soon as they are online.

If you are struggling to get the Outlook search function. We will give you some useful advice on how to make Outlook search work. Please find out why Microsoft outlook cannot search recent emails?

Microsoft Outlook search bar missing

The most common problem Outlook users have been unable to do a quick search for emails as it is missing from the desktop client. If you’re stuck and need a quick fix for your search bar, you can try this simple solution instead.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click File option left-hand side of outlook screen >> Options >> Customize robin
  • Select ‘Tools Tab’ in the field of ‘Choose Commands from‘. and also, select in the field of ‘Customize the Ribbon’, you should select the ‘Main Tab‘.
  • Locate ‘Search‘ on the left side and click the ‘Add‘ button in the center.
  • Click OK, and you will find the search bar again on the screen.

How to rebuild Microsoft outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is unable to search emails. It is necessary to rebuild the Outlook Search index. Follow the step-by-step process given below:

  • Click File option left-hand side of outlook screen >> Options
  • Click Search>> Indexing Option >> OK >> Advance >> Rebuilt
  • This process rebuilt all the search scenarios of the MS outlook search, it will recreate all the broken tissues of the system.

What is Outlook Indexing?

An inventory is a tool for bookkeeping that can be generated through Outlook. In simple terms, an inventory entails creating a list of your messages and other relevant data from unorganized files, such as your inbox.

It’s like the index page you see for books but with Outlook, it’s in a searchable list format which makes looking for specific text, names or terms easier to find.

Reduce your search parameter

Searching for a needle in a haystack is hard even when you filter your search. For example, if you use multiple e-mail accounts through Outlook, it’s easier to narrow your search criteria by selecting the relevant account before searching; this way locating an old prescription received 3 years back is much easier if you know to search through the inbox folder.

If the Outlook search option still isn’t working properly then just close out of your program and relaunch it this fixes many problems.

Fixing PST Files in Outlook

PST file is only used by one email client, Microsoft Outlook. When an Outlook user attempts to attach a ZIP, file saved on a Mac, that message will not transmit as Outlook does not recognize the file type.

You can search for Word by using the default Windows 10 search box; alternatively, you can locate Word under your Start Menu in.

How to search multiple words in Outlook?

  1. Open Outlook Application.
  2. Enter multiple words using ‘AND/OR‘ in the middle of words.
  3. The Result list consists of emails having described words.

Personally, I prefer the search function in Outlook. It comes in very handy when you’re switching between a Gmail and Microsoft Exchange account for instance.

Here are some of the search functionalities in Microsoft Outlook to help you find your mails or documents without any difficulty.

Search bars usually show up for users who just want the best-looking results for their homework without having to sift through a ton of irrelevant information. However, some search bar requirements may force users to enter more than one word at a time.

While searching in Outlook, the ‘AND’ search operator is applied by default. This provides an ‘OR’ function that can be used to search all mailboxes at once. The field is case-insensitive by default.

Result lists that are related to your search both in the subject line and in any of the content.

On the other hand, if you search between two different words that is specified by an ‘OR’ word, your search result will include a correspondence to either word separately in the subject mail.

Let’s understand with an example

Use a search-friendly folder. Find two keyword terms that you need to search for. Like, for making this easy let’s type ‘order Zomato’. It is clear that the mail containing both Zomato orders is on the list.

Typing ‘order OR Zomato’ into the search bar of the menu result brings up search results specific to either the words; this also gives results for either individual word.

Note: It is very important to type “or/and” in capital letters as per instructions on Outlook.

How search option works best for you in Outlook?

In addition to the above information about how you can use multiple search keywords in outlook and how to fix it if Microsoft outlook is not able to search emails, I want to share another excellent feature of Microsoft outlook that is:

This search option can be a lot more specific and help you to find some related criteria.

  • Emails contain the sender– Under these criteria, you have to enter the email address in the search box, you want to find all related emails containing that email address in any form (To, CC, BCC).
  • Email from the sender– When you select this option you will get all related emails received from that particular Email ID, it is mandatory to type ‘from: “email address” and press enter.
  • Email to the sender – This search level is reverse from the above example, you will get (search result) all related emails to send to that particular Email ID, or send by somebody else to that Email ID and that mail is copied to you, it is mandatory to type ‘to: “email address” and press enter.

When it comes to our outlook search engine, we want to provide you with all of the options available. Some searches will yield better results than others and it’s important to know what one is searching for in order to find exactly what they are looking for.

If a user encounters Outlook search problems, they may try rebuilding the file or reinstalling it.


Does Outlook search time range?

Outlook can search Outlook emails but there is no option to search Gmail accounts.

How To Search Specific Phrase In Outlook?

The best way to search for a specific phrase in Outlook is by using Search. To help you locate information quickly, learn how to use the Search feature effectively.

This will allow you browse through past emails that contain your specified search term and stay on top of new messages with fresh content related to your key phrase.

  • Open your Folder, for instance, “Inbox”
  • Type your specific phrase with quotes in the Search box [for example “Technical Onboarding Manager”].


Finally, you can now search Outlook more effectively. Out of the box, it is quite a complex application with numerous functions and features that may be hard to discover and use. But hopefully, you’ve mastered the basics and can now easily find what you need in Outlook.

Searching Outlook with multiple search words is not only an efficient way to increase efficiency in everyday life but it’s also a great way to understand how you can use multiple words for your search terms regardless of the area that you’re looking in.

By integrating the need to search Outlook with multiple words, you will easily come across emails and will be able to be more productive throughout the day from finding specific thoughts within other peoples’ minds to just taking time out to relax when trying to chill out.

We hope that this article will help you learn how to search Outlook using phrases and multiple words.