How To Send Large Files Through Outlook? – Raise Attachment Limit!

Recently, I found myself in the rather unenviable position of having to work on a major project during the lockdown period, which means that there was barely anyone else around to help me out.

All my peers were otherwise engaged in preparing their invitations to tender, and as I’m still new on the team, no one trusted me enough to leave me with all the data for them.

The title of this article comes in the way, How to Send Large Files Through Outlook?

What is the attachment size limit for outlook?

Outlook imposes a 20 MB limit on sending emails through the email client. If you attempt to attach a file beyond the 20 MB limit, Outlook will display an error saying that your sending requirements are not in alignment with its server parameters. What-is-the-file-size-limit-for-outlook-attachments 1

How to send large files through Outlook?

Some email service providers allow you to send up to 25 megabytes. If your attachment is slightly over the default 20 megabytes and your message size is almost at the max, Microsoft Outlook will freeze.

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How to Increase Attachment Size Limit?

  • Press Window + Rregedit
  • Type “Regedit” in Run dialog box >> Hit Ok
  • Technically you entered the nerve of your system and you are about to hack some minor settings.
  • Copy and Paste – [Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\Preferences] in the address bar of the registry editor.

I am using Outlook 2019 outlook-attachment-size 2

  • Find Maximum Attachment Size value File >> double click it.

Now and then, your mailbox isn’t as big as you might need it to be. The one quick solution which we would suggest is a few easy steps:

  • Go to Edit of the registry editor.
  • Click New>> DWORD Value >> File added [name the file Maximum Attachment Size], and Hit
  • Double click Maximum Attachment Size Value File. maximum-file-size-outlook-300x180 3

You can use the values data to decide if you want your file attached. We suggest letting the attachment grow by as large as 10 MB to ensure no limitations or problems with sending emails.

Important Information

  • What is the maximum size of an email attachment in Hotmail – 10MB
  • The maximum size of an email attachment in Gmail – 25 MB
  • What is the maximum size of an email attachment in – 50 MB
  • The maximum size of an email attachment in yahoo – 25 MB

Some of the email providers today are bringing in new features and options which let you upload your files in the cloud. So, there’s no need to worry about file size limits anymore since you can still attach all your necessary files to every email, regardless of their sizes.

One beautiful thing about using is that it allows users to easily upload pictures, videos, and files to the cloud and share them through email.

If your recipient or mail server does not support the size of your email, then it will be rejected.

Use One Drive to send large files

There are many ways to do this, How To Send Large Files Through Outlook but we suggest using services like Google Drive or Dropbox to store backups of files and send large file attachments through email.

Google Drive/OneDrive is a popular way to transfer large files from one person to another.

Here are the steps to make that happen:

  • Log in to your OneDrive account using your Outlook credentials.
  • Click on Files from the upload area. One-drive-folder-300x132 4
  • Select the file that you wish to share and click the “Share” icon, or right-click on your file and select “Share.” share-file-on-drive 5
  • At this point, you can either enter the email addresses of all the people that you want to share the file with or generate a link that you can embed in your message. copy-link 6
  • There is a suggested way to embed the link in your email messaging. First copy the link and then click on the icon that looks like an anchor or paper clip.

Compress Attachments Size

WinZip and WinRAR are free compression tools that help users reduce file sizes by compressing them.

This new technique will compress (archive) your file in a way that won’t fill it with junk data. You can be sure that the original format and number of files will remain exactly the same.

You will be able to determine whether a file has been archived or not by opening its properties by right clicking on it. If you see the name of another compressed file, then you know that the file has been archived using the zip compression format. add-to-archive 7


Mail servers are managed differently and many times changes need to be made on the server end in order for it to reflect account-wide.

However, with Hotmail the limit that can be set is 10MB and you have tried to send an attachment this size which means that although it had been hacked in its size, email forwarding still won’t be possible hence giving an error about the message being too large.

Sending multiple emails offers fast results and the process is simple. Breaking up a file and sending it in several smaller elements remains an outdated but simple method for delivering large files over email.