How To Send Multiple Emails To One Person In Outlook

How To Send Multiple Emails To One Person In Outlook is quite easy with Outlook. You can use carbon copy, blind carbon copy, & mail merge options.

I know that the question is whether it’s possible to forward several emails at once from Outlook to one email address.

How to send multiple emails at once in Outlook

In this tutorial, you will learn how to forward multiple emails in Outlook using the BCC function.

  • Send the email as an attachment.
  • Rule function

Forward multiple messages as a combined single message (Send email as an attachment)

By taking these steps, you are guaranteed to streamline your email process, avoid mistakes and possibly even outsource the day-to-day operation of your business.

For example, if you need to forward multiple messages, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on each message you want to forward.

If you like to select multiple messages at a time, hold the SHIFT key while clicking directly on the message of your choice. All your emails will be selected after that.

After selecting multiple items with your cursor, press the right arrow key on your keyboard to move all of them forward.



Outlook sends multiple emails individually with the rule function

As you might have guessed, the rule function can be a bit lengthy in Outlook. It is important to remember that actions such as these follow a particular set of steps. In this article, we’ll break down each step for you so that an action like the one mentioned above is easy to complete.

Whenever you want to send an email more than once to one person, create a rule and make sure the inbox is set up correctly.

  • Selected emails, hold down the Ctrl key to select multiples or SHIFT to select a contiguous list of messages, and then either right mouse click on the last one in the list or just double click on it.
  • Click on the icon of your mouse and click move. (You can either select your existing folder or you have to create a separate folder), for that click Other Folder.

 click Other Folder.

  • Click on the + icon that you’ll find at the top of your Gmail account and choose to save a filter to your sidebar. Name it “Send multiple emails”, select “From name is” and add in [email protected] as your filter. Click on the checkbox next to “Has the words (or phrase)…In message tags” and type in >send< in brackets. Check that everything is correct and then click Save Filters.

mail and post items

  • Following your email is ready to transport, now it’s time to work on “how to apply rules with multiple emails” individually treat as soon as possible.
  • Click to the folder and select “to mail” by clicking CtrlA and then going to the Home tab. Click “Rules” – this will open up a list of choices. Click on “Manage Rules & Alerts.” This will open another pop-up box, where you can see all your rules listed out in order. You can now click on any rule you have set up and edit it according to the needs that are currently relevant.

Click Manage Rules & Alerts

  • Rules and Alert wizard arrived click new rule >> click Apply rule on message I receive from the Start from a blank rule section >> Click Next

 Apply rule on message I receive

  • Next, you need to select which type of check you want to make. In this case, we’ll be looking at sharing a post with individuals or groups. Refer to the following screenshots for more information:

send to people or public group

  • Here you are selecting a specific email id of the person you like to send those emails to, double click the email id to select and click OK >> Click Next.
  • You only required these two steps, click next for other options.
  • Final rule setup appears, name the rule, (I recommend naming it to send multiple emails) the
  • same name you have given to the folder.
  • Select turn on this rule and run this rule now on messages already in sending multiple emails >> Click Finish.
  • Finally, Click OK and Finish.