How To Setup An Autoresponder In Microsoft Outlook 365

How To Setup An Autoresponder In Microsoft Outlook 365, office life can be endless. Even when you’re on vacation, your inbox keeps pinging with new emails, Thankfully, technology has made it easy for us to access and reply to emails no matter where we are or what device we’re using.

Have you ever wished that somebody could cover for you while you’re away? Maybe they could even provide client updates, or send out a newsletter that features your business, Fortunately, this is not dreamed of but is possible with the help of Microsoft Autoresponder.

Microsoft offers their clients Outlook auto-reply in numerous ways according to their users’ needs. This article offers a more in-depth understanding of how to use Outlook auto-reply as an administrative tool.

Hi, Thanks for the email! I am away from the office until {date} but will be checking my email periodically. If you need immediate assistance, please contact my colleague Jennifer directly at ext.

How to create auto-reply in outlook?

The new version of Office 365 is really a game-changer. It offers a fresh look and plenty of smart features, including a new “out-of-the-office” feature that allows you to auto-respond to your clients with a preloaded response when you’re not at your computer.

No spam – People don’t like spam. Spam is getting blocked in bulk, especially when you’re trying to communicate about a new product feature or similar updates.

Make sure that the signup form and all other available forms of contact are clear, concise and uncluttered by unnecessary logos or links. Keep things simple and make it easy for people to engage with your newsletter.

How to create an auto-reply template

Out of the office, the message in a professional manner to respond to your sender and apologize at the same time for not responding.

Here is Step by Step Guide.

  • Step 1 – Begin by creating the auto-reply email template that will be sent to recipients while you’re away.
  • Step 2 – Click New Mail >> Type subject and message

Type subject and message

You can create your own message/template according to your requirements.

Step 3 – You can save the template to the desired location on your computer.

  • Open Outlook >> File >> Save As then name your file (for instance: PTO Template) >> Under the section called “Save as type,” choose “Outlook Template”. [Reference: Screen shot].

“Outlook Template”

  • Saved into folder “Document”, Sending mail, Still no save. Ooh Gosh! Thunderstorm! Closing abruptly Don’t Save.

Create an outlook out of office auto-reply rule

You can set the outlook rule reply with a specific message using your template.

Step 1 –There are many times during our daily routines when we get too busy and lose track of the tasks that need to be done. If this happens, you may want to consider using tools like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

 Home tab

Gmail’s “labels” column is a great way to organize incoming emails into categories with abstract names like “Personal”, “Important”, or Storage of unread e-mail defaults so your inbox stays organized.


Step 2 – Click on the “+” sign>> Click on the “Find rule” box on the upper right side of the Outlook window.>> Find “Start from the following recipient anything that is set to appear in black” and Click “Apply rules of the message I receive”>> Click Next.

Apply rules of message I receive

Step 3 – Microsoft Outlook ask you to select a specific condition to clearly obey your commend under this scenario.

rule condition

Note: This task is only for people who are sure about the content and do not rewrite it.

  • Where my name is in the TO box
  • Where my name is in the TO & CC box

You can easily send automated replies to emails received by entering the name of the individual you would like your message to be sent to, into the “To” field of a new email draft.

In this case, I recommend you to select “Placed by id and removed from the inbox on a specific date”, Click on Placed by id and removed from the inbox on a specific date [refer: snapshot]

received in a specific date spam

When you open the rule dialogue box, it should appear as if there’s a select date range option that will allow users to select the date they would like to generate rules for. This option is best of out-of-office replies.

Step 4 – The next step asks what to do with the message. Outlook provides several ways you can reply, forwarding messages included.

Now the template you have created for your sender comes into role.

 what to do with the message,

Reply using a specific template

Next Step: Edit the rule description (click the underlined value) – Click on (a specific template you need to identify from the list)

click the underlined value

Step 4 –A Window Context Menu appears >> Select User template in the File system from the drop-down list >> Select User Template from the list below and click Open.

Click open.

Step 5 – Click Next

Step 6 – Microsoft Outlook finally asks you to Select exception(s). There are a few examples already arranged for the user.

Select exception

Finally, click OK,

Step 7 – Final Dialog Box appears which includes (Step 1, Step 2, Step 3)

  • Step 1 – You can Specify the name of your Rules, for instance – { Out of Office Message }
  • Step 2 – Set up Rules options.
  • Step 3 – Review Rule description.

Step 8 – Click Finish

Finally, you can see the “Rule” on the screen, which also required your final approval. So click “apply to activate.”

click apply to activate.

Setting up Autoresponder in Microsoft Outlook is a smart move that will prevent Outlook from sending the same replies over and over again when you receive various messages (s) from one sender.

How to edit auto-reply in outlook?

Auto-reply message is easily changed or modified all you have to do is ~

  • Open Windows Explorer >> double-click on This PC >> right-click Local Disk (C:) >> select Properties

Change rule

The same process of creating begins and you can change as required.

How to get rid of auto-reply in outlook?

When organizing an after-party for my company’s holiday party, I had to remember that our incoming VP of Operations was allergic to shrimp, and I had to make sure to get an extra-large order of pita chips, especially for him.

You don’t have to block it but rather delete it.

Follow the same step as above of modification of rules for auto-reply.

Select Delete >> Click OK


Can’t find the auto-reply icon in outlook

Before stepping forward,

In some cases, users are not able to find the auto-reply icon in their account information area. Follow the steps below to drag it back into its proper position.

Click File Tab >> Options >> customize ribbon

 customize ribbon

If you need to take care of something off-site or are unavailable, is it appropriate to use an auto-reply?

How To Turn Off Out of Office Reply?

Outlook works like a set of gears, which never stops automatically until it is programmed to stop. Autoresponder out of office replies works for a while. You have to Deactivate automatic reply from outlook only not the autoresponder.

  • Go to Home Tab >> Click Manage Rules & Alert
  • You can see the saved/running rules list on the rules and alert dialogue box screen.
  • Select that Out of Office rule and simply hit delete >> Click OK

You’ll never receive another follow-up email from this account, but your unsubscribe request has been saved for future reference.

How to check if automatic replies were sent?

So, let’s just say there are some things you want to remember whilst being a Product Manager. Product Guy has written down more than eight crucial points to keep in mind when taking on this role. Here they are:

How to generate auto-reply in is online software that can be used by the user just like the Outlook application on their laptops. works extremely well with Windows Live Hotmail and provides one with a number of advantages.

One disadvantage is that it only functions properly on select devices such as mobile phones, Android systems, Apple products and computers running Microsoft Windows 8.

Activating auto-reply in is slightly different from the Outlook desktop application, but it’s simple. Follow the step by step tutorial.

  • Open
  • Click the Setting button (gear-shaped) on the righthand top corner of the screen.

Setting button

  • Click View all Outlook settings and scroll down to the end.
  • Click Mail >> Automatic Replies


  • The auto-reply window appears on the right-hand side of your screen after clicking on automatic replies. It is accessible for you to add and modify certain options that allow you to turn your auto-reply settings active.

automatic reply

  • The following is a snapshot of the steps to consider when deciding whether to outsource your content writing or not.
  1. Turn automatic reply ON.
  2. Checkmark the Send replies only during a time period box, which allows you to insert your date and time range (Start date and time & End date and time).
  3. There are three options which you can select according to your situation.
  4. Add your message in the message box.
  5. Click Save.

Under this scenario you end up sharing your work calendar with others – so it’s no longer secret, and their invitations will show up again just like before. But at least now you can plan ahead on how to schedule that time off so that you’re not missing out on important business meals and meetings.