How To Schedule An Email In Outlook [Using Delay Delivery]?

Using Outlook, you can schedule an email to be sent later. You start by creating a new email and attaching a file, then click the send button even if you don’t have internet connectivity. The message will be saved in your outbox until the next time you connect to the internet and send it in one go.

We all know about that! what so great about that ~

Sending a delayed email is pretty dependent on where your business is located and how the company you’re trying to correspond with operates. In this article, we help make things simple by telling you exactly how to send a delayed email in Outlook.

How To Schedule An Email In Outlook – Using Delay Delivery?

Companies use Christmas and New Year holidays as a perfect opportunity to promote their services by providing discounts to many customers, some of whom had not yet bought what they were selling.

Delay Delivery is one of the great options available in Outlook, Users easily schedule the pre-drafted email to their senders to some particular time frame. Let’s begin to understand “how to delay a single message” and “how to create a rule to delay all messages“.

How to delay sending an email in Outlook?

Sending a delayed email, to begin with creating an email.

  • Open Outlook >> Click New Mail >> Options Tab >> Delay delivery

time delayed email

  • The properties dialogue box appears, go to the Delivery options section and select the Do not deliver before check box.

  • The properties dialogue box appears, go to the Delivery options section and select the Do not deliver before check box.

  • The properties dialogue box appears, go to the Delivery options section and select the Do not deliver before check box.

You can also schedule the expiration date, why does this option exist in outlook?

There is a limitation to how late an email can be sent unless your online sending system is akin to the postal service in that it runs 24/7! This may pose a problem in some corporate or other settings, where there is a physical location you are sending through.

send timed email

If you are using such as laptop or computer, which is not always online, it is recommended to set offline access problems. If a laptop or computer isn’t always connected to the Internet but you have Outlook 2010 set up to automatically send and receive your email, you may still be able to see messages from the POP3 account. By default, Outlook 2010 checks mail every 15 minutes.

send email later outlook

How to check scheduled email delivery?

Once you’re finished making your changes, check to see whether your settings have been updated. If everything looks right, it’s time to send the email and complete this task. Your message is now saved in the Outbox. Click Send/Receive All Folders to update incoming and outgoing mail, once that is completed, click Close in the outbox window.

Your mail is still intact in the outbox because you have spaced out your tasks by making a schedule of when to complete them. You can also check your send mail which has not been sent yet because the deadline is not up. Outlook will send emails at a later time.

How can I stop these messages from sending?

As you have learned earlier, scheduled emails are kept in Outlook’s “Outbox” and these emails will be dispatched at the set time. If you wish to cancel a scheduled email notification all you need to do is head over to your “Outbox”, locate the email message and hit the pop-out option on your computer mouse.

Your email is deleted from the outbox and that way you can stop the message from sending.

How to change delay delivery time in Outlook?

You can easily modify your delayed delivery in Outlook. Some people like to deliver their mail before its scheduled date or need to extend the delivery date.

Here is the step by step guide ~

  • Open outlook >> Go to Outbox
  • Double click on the mail relaxing and waiting for the time.
  • You will be forwarded again to the mail generation page.
  • Click that symbol (mentioned in the picture below) to change the default delay delivery time in outlook.

how to delay sending an email in outlook online

  • You will be forwarded back to the properties section where you can modify your delivery time and date.

  • Close the tab and again click send mail button. Your mail is saved in the outbox ready to deliver as per the modified input.

What if you want to deliver the mail immediately?

Sometimes you have to cancel a delayed delivery in outlook. All it takes is for you to go into your “Options” menu and remove the checkmark from the ‘Do not deliver before’ field.

Basically, you’re speeding up your message delivery process by having your email request delivered sooner than scheduled.

How to create a rule to delay the delivery of all messages?

If you create a template that adds in the lag of time and sends messages, you’ll find this setting which will automatically add the delay on all messages you create and send from your Outlook client.

Let’s begin with how to delay messages delivery (using rule) ~

  • Open Outlook >> Click File Tab >> Info >> Manage Rules & Alerts

outlook delay delivery

  • Rules and Alerts dialogue box appears, find Email Rules tab and select New Rule.

  • Rule wizard dialogue box popup, Go to start from the blank rule >> Click Apply rule on message I send >> Click Next.

How To Schedule An Email In Outlook

  • You will then be asked to either choose a condition (which you do not plan on selecting) – or confirm whether or not you would like Outlook to run in child mode. Since you are okay without running Outlook in child mode, click the Yes button.

  • The next step again asks me ” What do you want to do with the message”, Now here I got my solution, Check to defer delivery by a number of minutes.

  • Now it’s time to set the number of minutes of defer delivery. Click on the hyperlink in the step 2 portion (see the snapshot above).
    The maximum limit to set the deferment is 120 minutes, Click Ok, Now back to the rule wizard, you can see the defer delivery by 120 minutes in the step 2 section, click Next.

  • Next Step — Select if any entities are exempt or not. In the words of the late Steve Jobs, “Just build it!” Leave them unchecked and click Next.

  • Finally, the Finish setup rules dialogue box appears, Specify the name of the rule, Turn On the rule, Review your rule & Click Finish.

  • You can set a rule to automatically delay the sending of messages by up to 120 minutes. When you apply the rule and click OK, your outbox will hold all new mail by 120 minutes and let you send it at any time within that 120-minute timeframe.

Outlook Delay Delivery not Working

It is essential to be connected online when using Microsoft Outlook in order to ensure that messages will be deliverable at the time they’re scheduled when you specify. If your computer or laptop isn’t connected to the internet, your message won’t be delivered until an internet connection is available.

If you use cloud-based email like, all your scheduled mail is kept on record and sent out when you need it to be.

Will delay email send if Outlook closed?

Outlook comes with a feature that allows users to delay mail. If you have emails in your Outbox and you click this button, you will see a message informing you about how long it will take for the message to send out on its delivery date. This may be useful if you want to delay email delivery because of personal reasons or from addressing some form of technical issue.

Outlook on the other hand will remind you that you have unsent emails in your Outbox and even if you close the mail will be delivered as soon as you get online.